URAL: The most famous sidecar

Today we want to talk about a very special motorcycle. The Ural. A motorcycle that is the three-wheeled equivalent of the Lada Niva. It is new, but maintains the military aspect of the second world war. A motorcycle that exudes an adventurous character and is capable of making the most courageous biker smile.

But why is it so special? Brand history aside, this bike still has the DNA of the first models, those that were conceived for battle, to carry cargo and people through rough terrain in an efficient way and that is why so many people look at it with special affection.

Load capacity, traction connectable to the sidecar wheel, legal to carry two passengers and even the possibility of installing a tow ball like that of a car.


The URAL mounts an engine two 750cc boxer cylinders air cooled. This engine develops little more than 40Cv so it is suitable for him A2 card In our country. As for torque, develop 55Nm. With these figures, it is capable of reaching a top speed of 105km / h. It may not seem like much, but being a motorcycle with a sidecar it should not be necessary to run more.


The gearbox is 4 speeds, but due to its weight (363Kg in running order and 635Kg if we charge it up to the approved limit) the URAL counts reverse, quite a relief if we have to maneuver it in some way. In addition, it inherits a lever to start the motorcycle “with a kick” (but don’t worry, it also has an electric starter).

Sahara R 3qtr F1Chassis and suspensions

It has a double cradle steel chassis, but the most interesting thing is the suspension system. At the front it has a fork with gas shock absorbers, at the back it has a swingarm with gas shock absorber and here is curiosity. The sidecar also has a swingarm suspension with a gas shock absorber, to which is added an independent suspension between the “box” where the occupant goes and the sidecar chassis. So the sidecar has full suspension to improve in this way the onslaught of the road. All suspensions (except the one between the box and the sidecar chassis) are adjustable in 5 positions, thus allowing a wide variety of combinations to be chosen by each user.

Seat height

In a sidecar perhaps the seat height is less important since when stopping it is not mandatory to reach the ground, but even so its height is very contained, being of 790mm Tall.


The starting price of the most basic model is $ 15,494, which translates to € 13,016.61 (without taxes) depending on which version we choose (and there are many) we can reach around € 20,000 in invoice. A price that apparently is well worth the motorcycle, for its style, capabilities and quality of finishes.