Thanks to WeTransfer-type services, upload a heavy file to the internet And sharing it has become a regular task in any professional sector or in your free time. Group photographs, documents or send a video multi-gigabyte no longer has secrets. In some cases, you can accompany your files online with a message and protect it with a password.

But the competition is fierce and it is worth differentiating. Thus, as users we can benefit from news in this field such as, for example, that in addition to upload large files online you can comfortably sell them from the platform itself.

It is what it offers, a free WeTransfer type service that allows you to share content up to 5 GB (and up to 10 GB or 30 GB if you hire payment accounts). And as an incentive, you can sell that content or launch an online inbox where spread your files and receive those from other users, ideal for the educational or professional field.

Sharing and receiving, everything is starting

The first facet of It is the one that reminds us of the WeTransfer reference. That is, a minimalist page that allows you to upload one or more files of up to 5 GB free and share them with one or more people. They will receive a message to your email. Pressing on the corresponding link, will start the download.

As a curiosity, the service employs P2P technology for downloads, something that has been using for years Steam and other services where it is necessary to offer speed and stability when downloading content. And for your security, the connection is encrypted in the free version and, in addition, you can include a password or employ 2FA access (two-step verification) in the paid versions.

All of this is familiar to us. Now let’s go to the news. The second use that we can give to It’s of create a public space in which to expose your files freely, the same thing that happens with the public folders of Google Drive, Dropbox and the like. But, in addition, you can receive content of users who have access.

So, if you need to receive large files regularly, instead of receiving links from here and there you can centralize that content in your own online space. The best thing is that you can define which files will be public and which will not. You will also get usage statistics and the public page can be customized to your liking with a background, logo and description.

Sell ​​content online like a pro

Another of the functions with which you want to stand out It is the possibility of selling the content that you upload. Photographs, videos, documents … Let’s say you want to sell your own e-book or pedagogical content written by you.

With paid accounts you can design your own page to offer that content. Everything ready so that you can buy directly from there. Setting up that online store is quick and easy. Further, payments and connections are encrypted to avoid security surprises.

The sale page or link can be public or private and payments accept VISA or Mastercard. In addition, you can integrate the purchase tool into your Web page by inserting the HTML code. The only drawback, the platform is left with a 5% of the final price.

Otherwise, the paid versions of also serve to perform Backups of large files and content (since you can rent between 250 GB and 500 TB of total space), as well as obtaining a virtual disk to facilitate interaction with those files, also offering WebDAV support.

In summary, It adapts to all the uses you can give it to an online storage service. From uploading a heavy file for free sharing, to receiving large content, selling your own content, or simply having your own virtual disk online where upload gigabytes and gigabytes of files and folders.