To speak of Greg Daniels is to speak of one of the great names of television today, with important series as creator where “The office” stands out, one of the great milestones of high comedy on the small screen. His new project is this “Upload”, an unclassifiable amalgam of genres that tells us much more than we can glimpse on the surface with an unbridled rhythm.

Taking as a pretext a dystopian future where people with resources can include their memories in software and offer them a new life in a virtual world, science fiction and the thriller are mixed with wisdom, with acid comedy with a black humor point and romanticism. A shaker that is agitated works and that, in addition, narrates the human miseries, the difficulty of knowing love with an ever faster pace of life, the submission to technology and as social criticism the class struggle and the creation of religions to measure. It all starts with the death of a young computer scientist in his autonomous car. His girlfriend, a superficial woman who bases everything on money and beauty, transfers his memories before passing away to a company that is dedicated to creating an avatar, from the download, to send it to a place called “Lakeview” , the closest thing to the paradise of religions, where you can enjoy this virtual reincarnation, being able to interact with the living, in exchange for a high monthly fee, supervised by the company’s customer service personnel, called angels. In this way, the experiences of the late technological entrepreneur and his modest telemarketer intersect. Something like an impossible cross between “Black Mirror” and “Heaven over Berlin” by Wim Wenders.

An entertainment that offers a somewhat pessimistic approach to what our next destination may bring us, dominated by computers, with 3D printers that prepare food, mobiles in the palm of the hand or “heaven” to suit the consumer but in a world increasingly crowded, dirty, with less contact with nature and other people, so dating apps (sexual) emerge as the only escape to meet people. On the other hand, there are people who still believe in the old religions and prefer to rest in a cemetery and wait for eternal life than to go, for a fee, to false mimics of paradise. As Chesterton said when he wrote that “-when you stop believing in God, you immediately start believing in anything -“ Daniels offers a languid look, where despite computers that facilitate our existence, the human race feels every Once more alone and the inequalities reach the moment of death (exceptional is the level of the 2 gigabytes) where, even, some corporations try to bring us back to life. Above, treated with irony and a spectacular rhythm, combining the mix of genres with some special special results and a great staging. The pity is that some episodes have more nondescript directions than others (it is noted that there is no one responsible for the making).

Actors unknown to the vast majority of the public but who work perfectly in their various roles and more than competent technicians make “Upload” one more example of what Amazon Prime Video is currently offering, since this season He has also premiered the remarkable “Histories of the loop”, with which he shares some points in common. In addition, except for the first episode, the rest of the ten chapters do not last half an hour, so it will not make us lose too much of our, valuable time. Well, “Upload” shows us the importance of enjoying the here and now because it is not certain that conglomerates and companies offer us a better life. Let’s try to be happy in this and think about the future without despair. We can still achieve important things.

Upload – Amazon Prime Video (Season 1)


7.8 Final Note

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