News and new details about Renee Young’s condition regarding her situation with COVID-19.

As previously reported, new tests are expected to be revealed this week on the COVID-19. Four names of company employees have been revealed this week and they have publicly disclosed it themselves. These people are Renee Young, Kayla Braxton and producers Adam Pearce and Jaime Noble. For Kayla Braxton It would be the second time that it was positive in the COVID-19The first test that he carried out and gave a positive result was in March.

From the Wrestling Observer Newsletter It is reported that the person responsible for the number of infections is expected to be a female talent of WWE NXT. This fighter would be part of the public in the weekly shows of WWE and it would have been positive in the tests revealed during the past week. This would also have caused Tuesday’s television recordings to be postponed.

Regarding the result as positive of the test of Renee Young, the presenter made the decision to perform the test on her own and the officers of WWE they didn’t know he was going to do it. Rumors about the positive test of Renee Young They came to light last Wednesday when Jon Moxley, the current husband of Young and world champion of AEW Dynamite, was removed from the programming of the last show.

Too, Renee Young decided to make his situation public with the COVID-19 and according to Wrestling Observer, this did not go very well with the officers of WWE.

According Renee, He started feeling bad last Monday with a pressure on his chest. Later, he began to feel that he was losing his sense of taste and was not feeling very well. according to comments the WON. Immediately, she and Moxley they decided to do their tests on their own. For the next night, around twelve, Moxley received their results and they came back negative. The couple was relieved, but a few minutes later, the results of Renee They came to light, and they had a positive result. Young immediately contacted WWE and Moxley contact with AEW to report on the situation.

The doctor of AEW directed him to Jon Moxley to be quarantined and if he did not give any positive results or had symptoms, he would be fit to be on July 2 in the event of Fyter Fest. However, the WON indicates that the situation is not that simple. Moxley called not to abandon Nevada and go to the hotel because I didn’t want to leave alone Renee in case it gets worse. Renee and Moxley they would both be quarantined in different parts of their home and the world champion of AEW I would take multiple tests during this week.

From the entire team of Planet Wrestling, we wish a great recovery to Renee Young and much encouragement for Jon Moxley in this difficult situation with his wife.

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