My Nintendo, the loyalty program of the Big N, has been with us for a while, and although some like it more than others, the truth is that it is usually updated with some frequency to offer new rewards for 3DS, since for Nintendo Switch we only have the possibility of exchanging the gold points for direct discounts on the price of the games through the eShop. So, in this way, the protagonist is 3DS, because this time the catalog has been updated to add some discounts for some of the titles that are available in the virtual store of this console, as well as a couple of topics.

Update on rewards available on My Nintendo

If you have gold points or platinum points, then we indicate the new elements that have been added to the European catalog of My Nintendo in this latest update that has taken place. Do you want to redeem some of those points that may have cost you so much to collect? If you’re interested in these new rewards, don’t think about it too much!

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