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‘Polyamory for beginners’ (Fernando Colomo) May 21

Satur (Karra Elejalde) and Tina (Toni Acosta) are a married couple in which she contributes the money and he takes care of the house and the child. The problem is that the boy, Manu (Quim Àvila), is already 28 years old and a mediocre youtuber.Satur will turn his son into “The ranger of love”, a successful masked youtuber defender of romantic love who falls madly in love with Amanda (Maria Pedraza). What Manu doesn’t know is that Amanda is polyamorous and has relationships with Marta (Cristina Gallego) and Esteban (Luis Bermejo), a wealthy couple of doctors with two children, with Claudia (Lola Rodriguez), a trans girl who works in the world of fashion and with Alex (Eduardo Rosa), skydiving instructor and muscular model. What consequences will the discovery of polyamory have on Satur, Tina and Manu’s lives? Fun and laughter guaranteed.

Original title: ‘Polyamory for beginners’ Direction: Fernando Colomo Interpreters: María Pedraza, Toni Acosta, Karra Elejalde, Quim Ávila, Lola Rodríguez, Inma Cuevas, Cristina Gallego, Luis Bermejo and Eduardo de la Rosa Country: Spain Year: 2021 Gender: comedy Duration: 97 min. Distributor: Vertex Cinema

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