up to 80% off 5 great indie games

The Nintendo Switch console is one of the best when it comes to indie games, and here are some really good discounts.

The Nintendo Switch console always has games in discounts and this time We present you five independent games that are at a great price and that are very worth it.

Mana Spark – 80%

An action-packed RPG game with great difficulty that reminds us a lot of the Dark Souls saga, but you know, with pixels and a very different point of view. You should play this title as soon as you can because it is really worth it for the price it is currently at.

Phobia – 80%

This independent game makes you experience the difficulty and challenges that you have to go through to overcome your own fears on some occasions. Definitely the art is quite interesting with few colors but very striking, which will make you stay stuck until finishing this game.

Yooka – Laylee and the Impossible Lair – 60%

This platform game leaves behind completely 3D environments to reach an approach more similar to Donkey Kong Country, and not only in the way of playing it is it similar, but in the difficulty as well. This is because the game is made by the original Rare team so you know this one is packed with quality.

Moving Out – 40%

One of the funniest multiplayer games you can find on the market right now and one that you really need to play at any cost. It is extremely chaotic and its visuals they make it fun like no other game you’ve ever seen on the market. Although there are those who compare it a bit with Overcooked. And speaking of that game.

Overcooked 2 – 50%

This multiplayer cooking game is one of the best experiences you can have in any game. It’s fun until you can’t and its different crazy scenarios will make you die of laughter. Seriously, don’t think about it and get it.