up to 75% in games with creepy creatures

Inside the Nintendo Switch store you can find great discount games with terrifying creatures. Here we recommend 5 of them.

Being able to play titles with supernatural beings and terrifying creatures on Nintendo Switch is something that many people love, myself included. That is why I collected 5 games that currently are on sale on Nintendo Switch where you can face your fears while having fun.

Little Nightmares Complete Edition – 75%

This game already has its sequel currently and if you haven’t played the first one, I highly recommend that you do so, especially now that it has such an impressive discount. The character designs, the settings, the cinematic frames and the feeling of escaping from all dangers are unmatched.

Among Us – 30%

Here the supernatural creature that wants to kill all the crew can be your best friend without you knowing. This multiplayer game has won everyone’s hearts thanks to its fun mechanics and because, to win, you must be the best at lying or the best at discovering the lies of others. Break more friends than Mario Party.

DOOM 64 – 50%

Doom is not only about ultra HD graphics or current generation games, but it also has classics like this for the Nintendo 64, where we can face a horde of demons that try to end our life. But do not worry, because you have so many weapons that they are the ones to fear.

BioShock: The Collection – 50%

You are trapped in the depths of the sea with a lot of people who lost their minds and have supernatural powers, plus some great and powerful beings who will not hesitate to attack you at any moment. And if you want to change of scene, you will be trapped in a floating city where you will face beings even more capable of ending you from the air. Do you dare to play it?

Diablo III: Eternal Collection – 50%

There is nothing better than hunting demons and supernaturals than with your friends, so bring everyone together to defeat the creatures of darkness in this legendary action-role-playing game. There are many classes to choose from, great bosses to defeat, and dark creatures in every corner. It’s just so good.