Lobster, the OMV focused mainly on British citizens living in our country, began its journey in Spain at the end of 2018 with coverage from Movistar. Initially, he proposed three unique voice and data rates, all of them with unlimited calls and messages both here in the United Kingdom and in other countries of the European Union.

Those three rates, called Small, Medium and Large, had a monthly cost that varied depending on the data voucher included in each one. In November of last year, Lobster applied an improvement to all of them. increasing the number of gigabytes without raising the price. Now repeat the play, so that it is already possible to contract up to 30 GB of data for 24 euros.

More gigabytes for the same price

With this new improvement, the three mobile rates proposed by Lobster have seen, as we said, the data bonuses included in them increased, maintaining prices. In this way, the Lobster catalog now it is as follows:

Small Rate: Lobster’s smallest plan has gone from a bonus of 4 GB to 6 GB, maintaining the price of 12 euros per month.

Medium rate: This intermediate plan previously had 10 GB of data and now offers 15 GB, but retains the monthly fee of 18 euros.

Large Rate: The operator’s most ambitious plan, which until now had 25 GB, goes on to include no less than 30 GB at a price that is still 24 euros a month.

All of them lack permanence, include 21% VAT and offer unlimited calls and SMS messages to Spain, United Kingdom and other countries: Germany, Denmark, the United States, Gibraltar, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and Sweden. Obviously, Spanish premium numbers and special numbers (like numbers 901 and 902) are excluded.

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Lobster improves its mobile rates with more data for the same price: up to 30 GB for 24 euros