Until what date can you apply for school aid

Along with the first increase of the year, the holders of the Universal Child Allowance (AUH), of theFamily Allowance per Child (AFH)and of the Allowance for Child with Disabilities, they will be able to access an annual bonus provided by the National Social Security Administration (Anses): the school aid.

Without the fourth bonus of 10,000 pesos of theEmergency Family Income(IFE), Anses will give these benefits an extra of up to $ 6,214 that will be delivered automatically to AUH without the need to present the Universal Assignment Book. However, AFH holders must present a School certificate.



AUH with sons and daughters between 4 and 17 years old must present the Universal Assignment Book, however it was canceled by the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) and the payment will be automatic. AFH must present the certificate of schooling.



Amount of school aid 2021

The general value is $ 3,115


Zone 1: $ 4156;

La Pampa, Río Negro and Neuquén; in the Bermejo, Ramón Lista and Matacos departments in Formosa; Las Heras Department (Las Cuevas District); Luján de Cuyo Department (Potrerillos, Carrizal, Agrelo, Ugarteche, Perdriel, Las Compuertas Districts); Tupungato Department (Santa Clara, Zapata, San José, Anchoris Districts); Tunuyán Department (Los Arboles District, Los Chacayes, Campo de Los Andes); San Carlos Department (Pareditas District); San Rafael Department (District Box Benegas); Malargüe Department (Malargüe, Río Grande, Río Barrancas, Agua Escondida Districts); Maipú Department (Russell, Cruz de Piedra, Lumlunta, Las Barrancas Districts); Rivadavia Department (El Mirador, Los Campamentos, Los Arboles, Reducción, Medrano Districts in Mendoza; Orán (except the city of San Ramón de la Nueva Orán and its urban ejido) in Salta.


Zone 2: $ 5200;


Zone 3: $ 6214;

Antofagasta de la Sierra Departments (mining activity) in Catamarca; Departments Cochinoca, Humahuaca, Rinconada, Santa Catalina, Susques, Yavi in ​​Jujuy; Departments Los Andes, Santa Victoria, Rivadavia and Grl San Martin (except the city of Tartagal and its urban ejido) in Salta.

Zone 4: $ 6214.

Tierra del Fuego, Santa Cruz and the South Atlantic Islands.

Until when can the School Certificate be delivered?

Holders of Family Allowances per Child must present the schooling certificate with a time limit:next December 31st.

Two ways to generate the school certificate

In person, by going to an Anses office.


Login toMy Anses
Select « Children » Then « School Certificate »

To present it, you can do it from:

Instructions for filling out the Form

Student / Patient Data: Complete with the Student or Patient CUIL. You must enter the Address of the Student or Patient, a Contact Telephone and / or an Email of the responsible adult.

Lective Cycle: Enter the year corresponding to the school year you wish to report.

Certificate Types:

If the Student / Patient attends Kindergarten / Kindergarten, Primary or EGB, Secondary or Polimodal, they must select School. If the Student / Patient attends the Professional Training Course / Training Course / Tertiary / University, they must select Training / Higher Education. If the Student / Patient attends Differential School. you must select Differential. If the Student / Patient attends Rehabilitation, Private Teacher, Protected Workshop, Job Training, they must select Special. If you have selected Primary Level / EGB, you must enter Grade. If you have selected Secondary / Polimodal, you must enter Year.

Province of the Establishment or Institute: Display the list and select the province of the Establishment / Institute attended by the Student / Patient.