until 2022 there will be no 100% new generation games

After a long wait, PS5 today has finished reaching the world. But, of course, by everyone I mean all geographical regions, not all users who want to buy it, well waiting lists are trending all over the planet, and we have already begun to see some cases of people who, after reserving it at first, have now decided to resell it, obviously for a much higher price than they have paid. There each one with their ethics, of course.

In any case, the new generation is here, both PS5 and Xbox Series are already a reality and, from the hand of both, the first titles that take advantage of all the good of this new gen have begun to arrive … no, no, wait, that would be normal, but the truth is that, in this regard, neither Sony nor Microsoft nor the studios have done their homework. It is true that PS4 titles look better on PS5 (my friend Jose tells me that the FIFA menus are fluid, an achievement from what I understand), and that we can already see titles that take advantage of part of the potential of the next- gen … but that’s it, just a part.

Thus, the normal thing is that the buyers of the new generation take a short time to start demanding titles that really get the most out of it everything that these new consoles can offer. And although it is not a surprise, the truth is that the news is not very encouraging. According to statements by Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, collected by Wccftech, we can understand that in the case of PS5 the wait will be extended, at least, until 2022.

The reason for this, and that is why I say that it is not a surprise, is the commitment that Sony has decided to make with the owners of PS4, around 114 million according to Ryan, the commitment that for two years since the launch of PS5 will continue to have releases and support from Sony and studies. A measure that, without a doubt, seems to me worthy of praise, since it shows commitment to the existing community, but which at the same time means that the new generation will be, at least for now, partially wasted.

Games that harness the full potential of PS5 are still a while in coming

Obviously, Sony’s desire is for this huge community of PS4 users to migrate, over time, to PS5, but most likely not all of them (at least for the first two or three years), nor the most do so in the short term. And it is no less true that users who feel “cared for” by Sony during this extended life cycle, they will have more ballots to make the jump to PS5 the time has come. This point of Sony’s policy seems to me, honestly, impeccable.

However, I can’t stop thinking about the people who have decided to bet on PS5 from day one. In this regard, and although I am aware that developing the same title for two versions of the same platform is quite expensive, I think that both Sony and the studios should have given their heart. And beware, I say the same about Microsoft, I think that both technologies have not accelerated as much as they should at this point, and I think it is something that penalizes the users they should take care of the most, that is, those who have reserved and bought their consoles before even knowing how they would work.

I understand, of course, the point of the Sony executive, and I repeat that the extended support for PS4 seems to me worthy of praise. However, and for the game to be round, it should have been accompanied by titles with which the first buyers of PS5 could enjoy, from the first moment, everything that the new generation can offer.