Unrecognized son of Sebastián Yatra? rumors arise in networks

Unrecognized son of Sebastián Yatra?  rumors arise in networks (INSTAGRAM)

Unrecognized son of Sebastián Yatra? rumors arise in networks | INSTAGRAM

It is quite known that the famous Colombian singer Sebastián Yatra is one of the most coveted young singles in the world of musical entertainment, in addition, since he separated from Tini Stoessel in May last year.

That’s right, this past 2020, the musician He was romantically related to a large number of women, mostly celebrities, but apparently none were reciprocated, coupled with the fact that all of the aforementioned roundly denied the rumors.

Among those who were able to hear their names on various occasions are Danna Paola, Lele Pons and Kimberly Loaiza, although it was really only a few of the young women who were involved.

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As we mentioned before, each and every one of the women mentioned in the rumors denied the fact of having a relationship with the native of Medellín, and it seems that netizens would leave the interpreter alone for a while.

However, now something more serious than a simple love situation has happened, because for a few hours, a Twitter account has been looking for the singer for another reason, somewhat controversial.

From the new profile, you can read what was his first publication, which textually states the following: “The only purpose of this account is to find @SebastianYatra with extreme urgency. The sheath is complicated, a girl is pregnant with him, and he does not respond to him by any means, “the creators of the account denounced in a first tweet on the bird’s network that entertained hundreds of users.

“We only want him to respond to our friend, it does not matter to whom, it matters to be responsible now. That he communicates with her, who does not stop writing to Instagram both to him and to his representative and does not get answers. He is destitute,” they continued drawing the attention of millions of Yatra fans.

Given the situation, various accounts of Colombian fans have written comments hinting that the girl hopes that she will take care of her baby, and in the same way, the same media have been looking for the aforementioned, who also has a message for all.

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It turns out that, in the face of such uproar, media accounts from several countries have wanted to communicate with the alleged pregnant woman, however, she herself has denied everything, as she assures that she has not even met the singer in person.

She assures that for several days she has received all kinds of threats from groups of fans, she also affirms that thanks to the media her photo has appeared in various news, and she has had nothing to do with this event. He mentioned that thanks to all the commotion that has been caused, they have deactivated his Instagram account where he worked.

In the same way, through her Twitter account she has communicated that what she is looking for at this moment is to clear her name, because she has had nothing to do at all with the Colombian singer, and that she truly does not know who started with these rumors, nor what he wanted to achieve by slandering her in this way.

She claims that someone has stolen her photographs to involve her in this enormous problem and that reporters have even gone so far as to upset her family, so she will decide to take legal terms in the face of the situation.

Please ask someone to help her remove her face from all the news that involves the singer, since everything they have told the media is false.
For its part, the account where the rumor about the alleged unrecognized baby came from has already been deleted.