Unrecognizable! Kim Kardashian changes her look looks different

Unrecognizable! Kim Kardashian changes her look looks different | .

For the well-known model, businesswoman and socialite Kim Kardashian is important to always attract the attention of her followers, she practically lives off her image and gets the most out of it, so when she gets to change something about her look she immediately draws attention as she did recently in a publication.

To tell the truth, a look change radical, it is something that in reality many celebrities tend to do throughout their careers, of course there are many reasons why someone would do it, but in the case of stars it is for few: reinvent themselves, attract attention or work (in the case of the actors).

In order to Kim kardashian It is something that has been part of her as well as her family for years, precisely for that reason it could be said that it is not a surprise that she does it, however, despite the fact that her fans “are used to it”, it always tends to impact at least a little.

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It has been seven hours since the older sister of Kylie jenner He shared this publication on his official Instagram account, where he appears in 9 photos, wearing this new look and which surely more than one of his fans would love to be only momentary.

The 41-year-old businesswoman is sporting short blonde hair, but not only her hair has this color but also her eyebrows, so if one saw the model a little withdrawn it would seem that her eyebrows disappeared because they are quite light .

It was for this reason that in a funny way in his opinion, he decided to put an emoji of an alien in his description precisely because of how strange his face looks, not because some aesthetic change has been made but precisely because of his eyebrows.

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It seems that Kim Kardashian is about to launch a new line of SKIMS, or perhaps you are promoting those you already have in the market, you are constantly sharing content that refers to your garments in the market, which have been widely accepted by its followers.

This is because we see more and more products, not only in different skin tones but also designs, that Kim herself models and boasts on her social networks.


Something curious that happened in this publication is that although it is more than evident that they are photographs that the daughter of Kris jenner, is that it seems that they made a type of effect in 8 of them as if it were a video, something like stop motion or boomerang.

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In all the images we see Kim Kardashian wearing her clothes, tops, shorts, pants and a short-sleeved blouse, although the design of the snapshots are a bit dark can be noticed immediately, giving us a touch around the 70s for her type of hairstyle.

Whether in action on top of a car, getting ready on set or resting a bit, the socialite manages to look perfect in all the photos she shared and this was undoubtedly made known to her by her followers immediately.

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Blond ambition tour “,” I’m not a fan of the style, I didn’t recognize you “,” Please don’t bleach your eyebrows, “wrote some fans.

Quickly, several Internet users who wrote something among the 14.1 thousand comments on his publication, which has more than one million 600 thousand like’s, disagreed with this new look precisely because it looked unrecognizable, on the other hand it seemed to other followers quite beautiful as in most of her looks.

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