Unofficial relationship with Félix Verdejo caused Keishla Rodríguez a lot of pain, according to the victim’s mother

The sentimental relationship between Keishla Rodríguez Ortiz and the boxer Félix Verdejo, accused of kidnapping and murdering her in Puerto RicoIt was a conflictive one that caused the 27-year-old girl a lot of pain.

This was revealed Keishla’s mother, Keila Ortiz Rodríguez, in an interview with the Univision program Despierta América.

The woman said that the bond between the two began when they were children.

“At the beginning, when they were children, let’s go there first, when they were children, well … friends, girlfriends,” Ortiz Rodríguez began by explaining.

“But over the years it became something else … a pain for her,” continued the mother who was the first to point out Verdejo as a suspect in the crime while the young woman was still missing.

Keishla Rodríguez tried to separate from Félix Verdejo on several occasions

According to the interviewee’s account, her daughter tried several times to cut off the relationship with the boxer, which they nicknamed “The Diamond”.

“Keishla sometimes told him to forget about her, that he make his life, to finish, but a day or two passed and he was here,” said Ortiz Rivera.

“He entered through that entrance (points with his finger) after miles, arrived at her house, began to hit the windows,” added the mother.

“Open up, I’m here” was Verdejo’s supposed demand.

The alleged pattern of harassment reached the point that, on some occasions, the athlete was already waiting for her at the Villa Esperanza residence when she had not yet arrived from work.

“Sometimes Keishla hadn’t come home from work and he was already waiting for her,” the woman said.

“In the mornings, when Keishla sometimes went out, he was waiting for her,” she added.

Keishla’s mother asks women not to be quiet

Ortiz Rivera called on other victims of domestic violence who are in the same position as his daughter at some point to report the situation.

“That they do not remain silent, that they speak, that they seek help. This is not only the case with Keishla, my baby. There have been many cases of women murdered here on the island. That can no longer be happening ”, advised the mother.

In passing, Ortiz Rivera asked young people to follow their parents’ advice when they ask them to stay away from people.

“Young people, when your parents tell you, an instinct they have, listen to it. We mothers know, ”said the Puerto Rican.

It is not clear, however, why Keishla refrained from reporting Verdejo to the authorities.

The young woman, who worked in a pet grooming center, remained in the unstable relationship, and in contact with Verdejo for about 10 years until the day of his murder.

While the boxer raised a girl with Eliz Marie Santiago Sierra who procreated that today is 2 years old, maintained the relationship with Keihsla.

Although at the moment it is not clear if Verdejo and Santiago Sierra are married or just living together.

The information available at the time indicates that Verdejo and Santiago Sierra had a public relationship for at least seven years.

Today, only the memory of Keishla’s smile remains for her family, friends and the rest of the people who have followed the case on the island and in other parts of the world.

Verdejo alone in a federal jail in Puerto Rico awaiting trial

Verdejo is alone in the Guaynabo Metropolitan Detention Center, in Puerto Rico, after a federal grand jury accused him of car theft resulting in death; one count of kidnapping resulting in death; and a charge for killing an unborn child.

The same charges are faced by his alleged partner Luis Antonio Cádiz Martínez, who became a co-defendant as a cooperating witness for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The boxer faces an additional charge for using and carrying a firearm during and in connection with a crime of violence.

Verdejo and alleged buddy locked up without bail until trial

Both remain locked up without the right to bail until the trial date that has not yet been determined.

On April 29, the duo would have kidnapped Keishla when the young woman arrived at the place where she was allegedly summoned by Verdejo to show her the positive blood test that confirmed her pregnancy as a fighter.

The criminal complaint in the case indicates that Verdejo beat Keishla, they both injected her with fentanyl and heroin, tied her hands and feet and they threw it into the San José lagoon from the Teodoro Moscoso bridge with a block.

Keishla’s mother told her to be careful

Verdejo would have shot the woman he shared for a decade twice without reaching her.

Keishla died of suffocation from immersion after falling into the water.

The morning before her disappearance, Keishla’s mother asked her not to meet Verdejo.

“We spoke at 7 in the morning, and she told me, ‘Mommy, Felix is ​​coming to see the pregnancy test, but the blood test,’ and I said, ‘Girl, be careful.’ Why did I tell you be careful? Well, because he had already threatened her not to have a baby, to have an abortion, that he has his family, that he is a boxer, a public figure … “, said Ortiz Rivera in a previous interview with Primera Hora.

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