Unmissable: Martin Dubravka’s terrible mistake that led to Spain’s win over Slovakia

The party defined Group E of Euro 2020.

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Probably the match between Slovakia and Spain It was one of the most important for both teams in the last time. Spain needed to win to transcend the stage in the Eurocup and so he did. Luis Enrique’s set he thrashed his rival 0-5, but one of the most curious plays left by the match was the terrible own goal by Martin Dubravka that led the game to the Spanish.

A day of mistakes and goalsThis is how the match that defined group E can be summed up, between Slovakia and Spain. However, Martin Dubravka’s mistake made way for “La Roja”. It was certainly a strange move for a goalkeeper who shows such confidence in the goal of Newcastle United in the Premier League. The Slovak tried to reject a ball, which could have crashed on the horizontal, but inadvertently he ended up putting it in his bow.

This goal allowed the Spanish team to gain confidence and morally destroyed Slovakia. The group led by Štefan Tarkovič had in their hands the possibility of transcending in the group, but they couldn’t hurt the Spanish defense.

Finally, the goals of Laporte, Sarabia, Ferran Torres and Kucka (against), gave the pass to “La Roja” to the round of 16 of the EURO. The rival of Luis Enrique’s team will be Croatia, a team that had problems to transcend Group D, but has a generation that comes from be runner-up in the last World Cup.

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