Unmissable: an Argentine athlete wanted to finish the Usain Bolt race, but ended up with the blooper of the year

The Jamaican finished his competitions with great difference and gave him the opportunity to celebrate before winning.


There is nothing more craving in sports than be within meters, seconds or just one point of the maximum goal. These are moments of nervousness and tension. But not all athletes take it in the same way. Usain Bolt was one of the athletes who had the toupee of gesturing to the camera and celebrating before reaching the finish line, but the Argentine Mateo Bustos did not have a similar outcome to the end of the Jamaican.

Within the framework of Sagunto Triathlon, the Argentine competitor had a mistake that he will probably never make again in his life. Bustos sinned overconfidence and began to celebrate just a few meters from exceeding the finish line. However, this gesture allowed German Cister overtake it and will snatch the first place.

In this sense, those attending the competition stayed totally incredulous before what happened. “But idiot, but how is he so dumb?”, were the words of one of the spectators who attended the event. Probably, what happened generated a great lesson to the athlete of the Club Multiesport Benitatxell of Spain.

The unusual classification

Finally, after Mateo’s overconfidence, the Argentine athlete concluded the competition in second position behind Germรกn Cister, athlete of the TriCanet Triathlon Club. Domingo Muรฑoz He occupied the third position and completed the podium of the Sagunto Triathlon.

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