Unmissable: a poster of a fan caused the most unusual accident of the Tour de France 2021

The recklessness of the fan left two competitors with injuries.


This Saturday began another edition of the Tour de France. However, he did not have to wait long to see the first massive crash of cyclists. But this time there was an unexpected protagonist.

The poster of a fanatic was the culprit that many cyclists fell to the ground with the ever-existing risk of injury. On said banner was written “Allez Opi-Imi”, which according to the Diario Semana, is a phrase that is written in German and French, whose meaning is “Come on, grandfather and grandmother.”

The competition was barely starting and the peloton was quite compact. One of the great dangers in these circumstances. However, the recklessness of a fan generated great chaos and a huge pileup in the course of the first stage of the Tour.

The images speak for themselves. The cartel hit Tony Martin, rider of the Jumbo, which caused it to fall to the ground and evidently generate a domino effect among the other competitors who were marching behind the German. Almost a hundred runners fell to the ground.

I hope Omi and Opi are proud of you … Although on a serious note; it’s great to see that there are still a lot of spectators who love our sport and cheer for us, but please Stay on the side of the road, not on the road!“, Expressed in his Twitter account the Belgian Jasper stuffyven in relation to the incident.

While most of the cyclists were not seriously injured, some others did not have the same luck. Marc soler He suffered some ailments in his wrist and the severity of the possible injury is being studied. On the other hand, SĂĽtterling had to abandon the race because of some blows he suffered as a result of the incident.

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