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Gears 5 satisfied fans of the franchise; however, many players believe that some components can be further improved. For this reason, The Coalition decided to listen to the community and change the way new content is obtained in the title.

The company revealed that it is preparing a new store and some special adjustments for Operation 4. Fortunately, we already know the first details about these changes, which include the arrival of Gears Coins.

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Gears 5 will receive a renovated and more accessible store

The Coalition is aware of player hassles with the system to get new content. For this reason, the developers want all the time invested by fans in the game to be reflected in various rewards.

Thus, with the arrival of Operation 4 there will be a more accessible system to unlock new features. The Coalition decided to remove the junk, supplies, and the Totem system.

Thanks to this, players will be able to unlock characters the moment they get any of their skins. « Whether they get a Dom skin on the Tour or their base version in the store, they can use it immediately, » the study said.

In addition, Gears Coins will be enabled, a new currency that will serve to unlock almost all the content in the store. The Coalition specified that esports packs and other packages will not be compatible with coins.

Best of all, Gears Coins are achieved by just playing. There will be a new Legends grade with which you can continue playing in Tour of Duty, the ideal modality to earn coins.

“We will also be giving Gears Coins as a reward in Leaderboards and Escape. All Totem balance of scrap metal and progress will immediately become Gears Coins when Operation 4 begins, ”added the developers.

As for the new store, there will be a collection of permanent items. Things will be added every week and all can be purchased with Gears Coins or Iron. Upon completion of Operation 4, some of the content will rotate, but will return in the future.

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Gears 5 debuted on September 10 for Xbox One and PC. Find all the news related to the new installment at this link.