Unlimited Gigs for Christmas video, Vodafone Yu promotion for Big Yuser and Heavy Yuser

With December halfway through, operators are taking positions in the face of Christmas promotions and Vodafone has not kept us waiting too long. The operator has decided to temporarily paint their Vodafone yu rates for the holidays, and makes it possible for them to consume video without limitation. Unlimited gigs for video.

According to the operator itself, the new offer will be activated from tomorrow, December 1, 2020, and will remain active until January 31, 2020. Two full months in which Vodafone yu customers will have unlimited gigs for their rates whenever they use them for video.

As the operator himself indicates, the unlimited gigs will have all apps with video content although it does not specify whether it also includes video transmissions that can be made through video calling apps such as Meet, WhatsApp, Skype, Facetime and company.

The promotion will be active for both customers of the Big Yuser and Heavy Yuser rates, and also for its versions contained in convergent packages. All of these users will enjoy unlimited video over their data connections for a full two months. As we said before, until January 31st.

Vodafone indicates that the promotion is valid for both current customers and customers who contract these rates during the promotion period. The operator says that this can also be added to the unlimited data in social networks and messaging of the rates that have this activated.

Once the promotion period ends, on February 1 of the next year 2021, the unlimited video data bonus will be deactivated automatically, so no extra costs will be activated to keep it active nor will you have to request its deactivation.

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Unlimited Gigs for Christmas video, Vodafone Yu promotion for Big Yuser and Heavy Yuser