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When you don’t know what to watch on Netflix, you may want to delve into series that have achieved great success outside of our country but have not yet achieved the impact they deserve here. We review some titles that are very worthwhile.

During these months of pandemic, different situations have occurred on Netflix. As many shootings have been stopped, the big titles are not arriving at the desired pace, so they have decided to search and buy on the platform content that triumphs in some countries to be offered internationally. But sometimes these go unnoticed by most subscribers.

Just as La casa de papel triumphed in Spain and then all over the world thanks to Netflix, there are cases in other countries that surely we still have to find. We talk about series that for us are still unknown but work very well in other territories, those undiscovered treasures that are waiting for us.

This is even more interesting in a period when many people are looking for new series having seen the most important. In addition, it cannot be denied that it is difficult to discover productions that are not Spanish or American when receiving these little promotion by the media.

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In any case, let’s review some of these series that are waiting for their deserved recognition in Spain. If you are one of the most adventurous, one of those who enjoy recommending new series to others, surely in these 7 series you will find something worth watching.

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Il process

Italy has always been a country with its own identity in everything that has to do with cinema and this has also been seen in its little sisters, the series. There the stories have triumphed of a social nature, those that speak of violence, the political and judicial system … In this last plane is Il processo, a series that premiered two years ago and that is worth recovering.

Il processo recounts the encounter of a lawyer with the case that can completely change his career: the murder of a young woman that affects a well-known prosecutor more than you can imagine. From that base, This judicial drama narrates the investigation that is carried out to tell the viewer a closed story that will leave you with a very good taste in your mouth.

Qualification: Il Processo
Release year: 2019
Duration: 50 minutes
Platform: Netflix

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Since it was released in 2015 we have had 3 seasons of Fauda with a fourth on the way. Little is known about the Israeli series, but with this they have achieved great success, although it has not been without controversy. In any case, here we are before what can be considered a series with a lot of action that tries to show part of the Arab-Israeli conflict, even if you opt for an overly personal perspective.

As you can imagine, this series is in full conflict to tell a violent story full of readings. The protagonist is a retired agent who returns to work to try to hunt down a Hamas militant. To get an idea of ​​what you will find in the case, just know that Fauda means Chaos in Arabic. You have three seasons and we assure you that you run the risk of getting hooked a lot, especially with the first.

Qualification: Fauda
Release year: 2015
Duration: 35 minutes
Platform: Netflix

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Sweet home

Korean series have a large number of fans all over the planet, but there are so many that it is sometimes difficult for them to stand out from the rest and attract the attention of the general public. Sweet Home is a series that may seem classic from that country due to the theme it deals with and the ease with which he turns towards the most absurd, but always maintaining an inner coherence which makes it especially addictive.

Starring a teenager who has always been withdrawn and troublesome, when monsters begin to appear and destroy everyone, he takes the initiative and becomes the salvation for his neighbors. Sweet Home is a story fun and gore for those just looking to have some fun in front of the TV.

Qualification: Sweet Home
Release year: 2020
Duration: 50 minutes
Platform: Netflix

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Hakan, the protector

Now that Turkish series are in fashion, it may be time to discover that there is much beyond the romantic format in that country, such as Hakan, the protector. This is a series that it mixes the supernatural and the superheroic with such success that it has already reached four seasons thanks to the success achieved in different countries. In Spain we have all the episodes available and it reaches more and more viewers.

Hakan, the protector puts himself in the skin of Hakan, a merchant who discovers that his life has a mission: to protect Istanbul from mysterious immortals who want to destroy it. This is a task that has been carried out since ancient times without citizens noticing. The problem is that he is far from being considered a superhero. With that premise, there is a very entertaining story to discover on Netflix.

Qualification: Hakan, the protector
Release year: 2018
Duration: 60 minutes
Platform: Netflix

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50 m²

We do not change the country to face a recently released series that has created as much passion as rejection in the spectators: 50 m². With a more action-focused plot and catching from the first second, this is a story whose first season has been a great success. If you like action stories, in 50 m² you will find an ally.

50 m² part of an original proposal, that of a hitman who in his flight ends up working for a tailor shop. Due to a misunderstanding, he is mistaken for the son of a tailor and adopts that role to keep himself safe, although the past is not so easily behind him and escape will seem impossible. In case you want to spend some quiet time with a series that does not demand too much, you have the first season available on Netflix.

Qualification: 50 m²
Release year: 2021
Duration: 60 minutes
Platform: Netflix

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How to sell drugs online (at full speed)

The second season of this is coming soon German miniseries that with only six episodes has managed to attract quite a few viewers. How to sell drugs online is a mix between comedy and drama that immerses the viewer in the world of drugs and offers a different perspective on what is filmed in that country beyond Dark.

The premise of the series is not at all surprising starting from the life of a teenager who begins to move in the world of drugs to try to get his ex-girlfriend back. But nothing turns out what it seems and his business is growing until reaching international levels. This series of short chapters can be viewed in one go and offers a very different product.

Qualification: How to Sell Drugs Online: Fast
Release year: 2019
Duration: 30 minutes
Platform: Netflix

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Giri / Haji: Duty / Dishonor

We ended up with a of the most unknown foreign series out there despite the success it deserves: Giri / Haji: Duty / Dishonor. This is somewhat strange for the general public as it is an English production that mixes the culture of their country with a series of conflicts that are experienced in reference to the Yakuza. With 8 episodes released and great success in several countries, the truth is that in ours it has gone very unnoticed and it is worth returning to it.

The premise begins with the arrival in London of a Japanese detective looking for his missing brother, who is probably related to the yakuza. Cultural problems, revenge and some strange but very interesting protagonists manage to attract the attention of all the spectators who approach it. If you want to discover one of those treasures that Netflix hides in its catalog, with Giri / Haji: Duty / Dishonor you will find a pleasant surprise.

Qualification: Giri / Haji: Duty / Dishonor (Giri / Haji)
Release year: 2019
Duration: 60 minutes
Platform: Netflix

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