The university student placed a cell phone in a metal box with a hole and left it in the bathroom to spy on his housemates

By: Luz Camacho

ENGLAND.- A great surprise came student of the Lincoln University, England, when he discovered that a partner I had been home recording in secret when i went to bath with a iPhone hidden inside a box of metal.

Aubrey, which is not her real name, said that she was horrified to discover the cell phone that was hidden in a box metal in the bath from the house that he shares with 14 other students

The girl said she had become suspicious after she noticed that the container had a small hole in the corner.

« There was a box red with lock placed on the bath from the day we moved into the apartment together. Everyone assumed I had objects and didn’t think about it, but I was always suspicious because it had a little hole made by someone on the side of the box. Every time I went to bath, he always put it back against the wall, but someone else soon put it back in its original position, « he told The Lincoln Tab.


Aubrey that one day he went to bath and I notice that the box it had been moved there.

« I thought ‘that’s strange,’ but I picked it up and moved it back. I went into my friend’s room. I asked her if she thought the box was suspicious.

« He said when he picked it up before something shook inside. We talked about it and wondered what might be inside. »

They wondered if there might be a camera there, but they dismissed it because it felt ridiculous.

Later, her friend goes to bath, returns and comments that the box had been transferred back to bath.

It was then that they really began to suspect and wonder ‘what’s going on here?’

« It was really scary. At the time, we didn’t know who it was, » he said.

« My friend told me that if you walk into a room with the light off and you point a flash light at the camera lens, it will reflect on you. So we tried. This is when it got scary, because there was a reflected light flickering when we did. There was a camera inside there, « he added.

They immediately brought the box to a room and recorded the moment they opened it. Inside they found a iPhone, as well as an acrylic that said ‘Keep Calm I’m A Student’, which had been used to hold the mobile and stick it on the cover of the box.

Aubrey He said: ‘I didn’t know if this was some kind of joke.


At that moment, someone from the group chat in the house asked where the red box of the bath. He said that the box He had his toothbrush and toothpaste.

Aubrey He told The Tab: « At this point, we knew it was his and he was lying, so we put in the chat that we had opened the box and we found a phone there.

The subject who claimed the box He tried to change the story and said he put his phone there to amplify his music for when he was in the shower.

Tonight, Aubrey he locked himself in his room with the box and the telephone. He partner The apartment bombarded him with messages asking him to return it to him, he even said that he would report the theft of his cell phone to the police.

Aubrey He asked for the access code of the mobile to verify that he had not been spying, but he refused on the grounds that there were private photos of his girlfriend.

The next day, after being advised by the Student Union, she went to the police to report that the partner floor had committed voyeurism.

Aubrey he claims that his partner He never returned to the property after police took him in for questioning and has not seen him since.

Authorities later called the girl and told her that she voluntarily unlocked the phone and found a video.

‘It was a video of me and two other housemates going to bath. The camera saw everything and was very embarrassing. It was absolutely horrible, « he said.


The affected person comments that she really didn’t know him that well. « He spent a lot of time upstairs playing video games with his friends. I really didn’t interact much with him, » he said.

‘He seemed pretty decent, I never had a problem with him. I think that’s the most shocking thing because you just didn’t expect it. « 


A month later, the partner He pleaded guilty in court and received a six-month prison sentence, suspended for two years.

He was also made to sign the Sex Offender Registry for over five years, but was allowed to continue his studies in Lincoln remotely and off campus.