As Variety reports, Universal Pictures has given the green light to the development of a remake of the film directed by Charles Laughtony starring Robert Mitchum in 1955, ‘Hunter’s night‘(The Night of the Hunter), in turn an adaptation of a Davis Grubb thriller published in 1953.

The story is as follows: After carrying out a robbery in which two people have died, Ben Harper returns to his house and hides the button, entrusting the secret to his children. In prison, before being executed, he shares a cell with Harry Powell and in dreams he talks about money. After being released, Powell, obsessed with seizing the button, goes to the town of Harper, falls in love with his widow and marries her.

The new adaptation will be written by Matt Orton, who will update the story to show a contemporary setting. Orton was commissioned to write the script for the movie starring Oscar Isaac, ‘Operation Finale’, and is currently linked to a Disney + live action family adventure titled ‘Knights’. Regarding production, it will be the responsibility of Amy Pascal and Peter Gethers for their label Pascal Pictures.

The original film is considered a classic of the cinema, maintaining to this day a great rating of 98% for the critique on Rotten Tomatoes.