Unity dev: Xbox Series S is an extremely capable machine

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Although the reflectors in the new generation of Xbox are for Xbox Series X, little by little the accessible model, Xbox Series S, begins to give something to talk about and is that for many players it is their entry point to the new proposals of the brand from Microsoft. Beyond the doubts generated by its inferiority in terms of hardware compared to its older brother and the digital model of the competition, this console is making its way and is recognized by the developers.

Xbox Series S is an extremely capable machine

During an interview with Gamingbolt, Brett Bibby, Unity’s production director, graphics engine, spoke about Xbox Series S and its potential as hardware, which he considers a success by Microsoft, especially for the audience it is aimed at. In that sense, the creative highlighted that, despite having less power and the existence of a gap with respect to Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S is a capable system for the new generation: “it is important to remember that most of the people do not have a screen that has 4K and that runs at 120 [fps], so there is an audience that the S. is designed for. They may not need some of the detail that the X can accomplish. However, it’s important to remember that the S is an extremely capable machine, because those hardware differences focus on delivering a similar experience at a lower resolution. “

Later, Bibby made clear the importance of seeing the Xbox Series S from its proper dimension, since it is capable of doing all that of Xbox Series X, but with less display in graphic and visual terms: “that is a really smart approach, the device has ray tracing, an SSD, nominally the same CPU as a Series X. The only thing it lacks is the power to run at 4K, which is simply not always necessary – a TV in a bedroom is not likely. Teen gamer is a 4K beast, so it’s great for those situations. I hope the Xbox Series S is a real differentiator in this generation. “

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