United We can insist on the proposal to reduce VAT to hairdressers to 10%

Image during a haircut in a hairdresser. (Photo: MediaNews Group via MediaNews Group via .)

Hairdressers may have a VAT reduction in the new state budgets, at the insistence of United We Can and after the Government vetoed this Tuesday the new bill presented by the PP on this issue.

The Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, has stressed that United We can propose this reduction to reverse the “injustice” that was the increase at the rate of 21% that the PP adopted during its time in government.

At a press conference after meeting with representatives of the sector, he stressed that it will be a “central issue” for his political space in conversations within the Executive, given that it is a “highly feminized” sector that requires support. He has also commented that the measure is necessary for these businesses to rebound after being hit by the crisis.

He has also shared that the activity of the beauty and hairdressing centers received a “blow” from the Executives of the PP, as it went from 5,000 to 3,000 million in turnover, job losses and closure of companies “unprecedented” when going from 10 to 21%.

“We are facing the possibility of reversing this injustice and also supporting a sector that has suffered a lot from the pandemic,” said the leader of Podemos to reel off that it is time to “support” this productive fabric made up of SMEs, with “effective” measures by the Executive to “refloat.”

Precisely today the president of the PSOE and vice president of the Senate, Cristina Narbona, has confirmed that the Government has vetoed this Tuesday the new bill presented by the PP that entailed a reduction in VAT for hairdressers and that would come into force next year .

Conditions for General Budgets

Last Friday the Secretary General of Podemos affirmed that in the coming months the Government is “at stake for its re-election” and demanded an “ambitious” social agenda, where the General State Budgets are called to be “essential” for recovery.

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In that appointment, he also glossed that the elimination of the so-called ‘pink rate’ (as the higher price of certain female products is popularly known), the regulation of the rental price or the improvements of the Minimum Income should be included in the tax reform. Vital, so that they are already “a reality”.

The extension of the network of public nursery schools, a universal parenting benefit, raising the minimum and non-contributory pensions, are other conditions of United We Can in the negotiation of public accounts.

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