United States extends border closure with Mexico and Canada

The United States Government will extend restrictions on non-essential travel in its land borders with Canada and Mexico until March 21according to a government document, . reported.

This new extension would imply that the restrictions will have been in effect for a year at the border, since the first time the measure was taken was in March 2020 due to the incipient Covid-19 pandemic.

Under the measure, leisure land travel is not allowed and access is only allowed for specific reasons such as health or freight transport. The restrictions do not affect flights.

The border between Mexico and the United States will continue with travel restrictions.

Already in January, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had made known a proposal put forward to the United States government, which sought to maintain a partial closure of the border between the two nations until February 21.

The restriction measures have been extended for different periods since it was established that the pandemic required less movement of people between countries. These mechanisms have included that those who travel from other territories, undergo quarantines to avoid contagion with their entry.

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