United States basketball Olympic defeats in history

You can never take anything for granted, especially in sports. It is a lesson that USA Basketball it has learned throughout its history and that some seem not to have internalized. It is obvious that the favoritism of United States in these Olympic Games Tokyo 2021 It is clear, but there are many who think that they will walk the field and they are invincible. There are many things that do not support this theory, without going any further the friendlies they have lost in this preparatory tour or the difficulty of having all their troops in the days before the debut, but also in the history of Olympic basketball we find reasons other than enough to think that anything can happen.

The North American team has a total of 15 Olympic gold medals, with only four occasions when they were not able to win. Although it is true that in world championships there have been more surprises, they attend the Olympic events with everything knowing their relevance, but that did not prevent them from suffering a historic hit in the final of Munich 1972, in that mythical triumph of the Union Soviet which went on to inspire one of the highest grossing films in Russian history. Just eight years later, we find the next Olympic event without the United States at the top, but this time it was due to the boycott they raised to the dispute of the tournament in Moscow.

Very painful was the defeat in Seoul 1988, where it became clear that the Soviet Union could stand up to American university players, who at that time were the people who populated the national team. It was a game that provoked the reaction of USA Basketball in the following tournaments, summoning the Dream Team for Barcelona 92 ​​and presenting from that moment teams full of NBA stars. However, that did not prevent them from succumbing to the mythical Argentina team led by Ginobili in Athens 2004, and having to settle for bronze. Will there be a surprise at the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games?

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