The six air channels carry out this Sunday together, from 6 pm, the special program broadcast United for Argentina, whose main objective is to raise funds for the fight against COVID-19. The 12 drivers in charge were divided into different stages of the broadcast, and were shown in blocks made up of representatives of the different channels.

Mariana Fabbiani and Vero Lozano were in charge of starting the solidarity cycle. Thus, they were showing the images of the artists who will participate in the event, and they provided the data to start raising the funds for the program. “We are in a historical transmission”, said the host of El Trece, while Lozano recalled that all the proceeds from the advertising of the program will go to the Red Cross. Minutes later, the drivers presented a report on how the pandemic came to Argentina.

Then they were Maju Lozano with Guillermo Andino and Sergio Goycochea who took the leadership of the event, and were in command until 19 hours. “It is a historical broadcast, we have the possibility to change the destiny of many people who need us”America’s driver noted. “It is a pleasure to participate in something so extraordinary”, commented the former goalkeeper of the Argentina National Team. “It’s great to work with someone you never worked with,” said Andino.

“We are moving this solidarity wheel to help,” he said. Goycochea. Later, Andino interviewed Diego Tipping, president of the Argentine Red Cross, who spoke about the organization and about how the funds will be used. “We are all channels twinned”, The informed driver of everything maintained.

After the first hour of the program, the drivers announced the accumulated donation so far, which reached 10,240,000 pesos. “Thank you very much to all who are calling,” Maju stressed.

Different celebrities sent their messages during the first hour of the program. Thus, the Chinese Leunis gave viewers a challenge and send it from the networks to the program. Then there was Loneliness from Arequito, through a video call, which also presented a video that he recorded for the occasion, Hallelujah. For his part, Luis Novaresio He recorded a special, remembering the importance of staying home and calling for viewers to continue donating for the benefit of the program. While Jorge Rial was present through a video made from his home: “Taking care of me, I take care of you,” reflected the journalist.

The entire cast of Separated, who had to suspend their recordings, after the national government announced the mandatory quarantine.

At 7:00 p.m., Mariana Fabbiani returned with Mariano Peluffo and Ángela Lerena to take the second part of the program. “We are different channels, comrades, we all unite like you, with the same objective,” said the host of El Trece. “How good to see the empty city, it means that everyone is home”added the Net TV host. “There is something very nice, there are people who are quarantining alone and we thank them for letting us enter their house,” emphasized the host of Public TV. “You have to go through this storm, but it will happen”, maintained Mariana.

During the second hour, Juanes was live from his Miami home: “I have been in quarantine since March 14 with my family”said the singer. A video was also broadcast with Patricia Sosa, offering their music in favor of the solidarity program.

Marcelo Tinelli made a special video, thanking all the workers who continue to fulfill their special roles during quarantine: “Argentina is a society that when it has to unite shows that our solidarity is as great as the country”noted the driver. And he added that “I don’t know how the world will change after the pandemic,” but he maintained that “we Argentines need to be united.” “We will beat the virus among all of us,” he concluded.

The cycle was powered by the first lady, Fabiola Yañez, and it was materialized during the course of this week. The proceeds will be donated to Argentine Red Cross, in order to acquire the necessary supplies to face the Covid-19 and allocate them to the hospitals that take care of the health of all Argentines. The public was able to collaborate from their homes through the website or calling 0810 999 2222 and from the cell phone to * 9009 or sending a SMS with the word DONATE to 3000.

Mirtha Legrand and Susana Giménez, the two great divas of Argentina will say “present” in the solidarity special to be held in the studios of La Corte, in Chacarita, and in which they will also have their place Ricardo Darín, Adrián Suar and Marcelo Tinelli.

Lizy Tagliani Y José María Listorti they will take control of humor. Zaira Nara will also reappear on the screen, after giving birth to Vigo, her second child. Y Paula Chaves, her friend, will show up with her six-month pregnancy. Other important figures will be from the game, such as Mauro Szeta, Paulo Kablan, Diego Leuco, María Laura Santillán, Antonio Laje, Rolando Graña, Edith Hermida, Marina Calabró, Silvia Fernández, Ariel Senosiain, Ángel De Brito, Pía Shaw, Andy Kusnetzoff, Andrea Politti, Carina Zampini, Iván de Pineda, Mariano Iúdica, Marcela Tinayre, Diego Ramos Y Claribel Medina.

“I have been doing a solidarity program for 12 years and I am aware that the media must have a preponderant role between a need and one that can contribute something important. And in this case, this idea is going to be transferred to a special program, ”Guillermo Andino said before the event, in an exclusive dialogue with Teleshow. “The media, and fundamentally the television that has grown in power from this pandemic that crosses us all, has to fulfill that fundamental role, as happened with the covers of the newspapers at the time. Today, in analogous situations, television also joins this same objective.. We will be there on Sunday, collaborating to help those who have the least, “he said.

While Leo Montero also spoke to the newspaper, and held that it is a “pleasure” to represent the channel in which he works in this unique event and stressed the importance of solidarity at this time: “I like to meet colleagues and friends again while leading this program. It will be nice, emotional, challenging and historical that all the channels at the same time do this to accompany the great Argentine people, who will be watching us and collecting for the Red Cross. All with joy, emotion, effort and heart so that we get out of this well