United Arab Emirates, China and the United States promote explorations

Learn about the three missions that arrived on Mars in February: Perseverance, Tianwen-1 and Al Amal, from the United States, China and the United Arab Emirates, respectively.

Three missions from different countries arrived on Mars in February: the “most international” month of the red planet. The United Arab Emirates, China and the United States broadened their horizons.

The most recent of these was the mission Perseverance, from NASA, which this Thursday landed a rover that will explore the Martian surface.

« This landing is one of those crucial moments for NASA, the United States and space exploration worldwide, » he claimed Steve Jurczyk, Acting Agency Administrator. « We know that we are on the cusp of discovery and sharpening our pencils, so to speak, to rewrite the history books. »

« Landing on Mars is always an incredibly difficult task, and we are proud to continue to build on our past success, » said Michael Watkins, director of JPL. « This rover is blazing its own trail and facing new challenges on the surface mission. »

A very busy February for Mars

The first of the countries that reached in February the orbit of Mars was the United Arab Emirates.

The Al Amal mission (Esperanza, in Spanish) reached the red planet on February 9. However, it will remain in the Martian atmosphere, without touching the surface.

Al Amal is expected to be in the planet’s orbit for 24 months, along with three American, two European and one Indian spacecraft.

Al Amal was led by the Minister of State for Advanced Technology, Sarah al-Amiri. In addition, she is the president of the United Arab Emirates Space Agency.

The Arab probe will circle Mars, in order to capture an image every nine days. It seeks to analyze the climatic modifications on the planet.

China succeeded the United Arab Emirates in this month’s missions, arriving just one day after Al Amal. Tianwen-1 (Questions to the sky, in Mandarin) will orbit the planet, then bring down a rover.

It will do so in the Utopia Planitia area, a plain located in the northern hemisphere of Mars.

Like the other missions, it will analyze not only the Martian atmosphere, but also the surface.

The countries that have visited the red planet

How many countries have reached Mars? United States, Russia, China, India and the United Arab Emirates. In addition, there was a European multinational mission.

International exploration continues to expand. This century will be crucial to learn more about our “neighbors”.