“Unique” like the Sun? This is how Luis Miguel starts as a businessman

“Unique” like the Sun? This is how Luis Miguel begins as a businessman | Instagram

In one of the last facets of the singer Luis Miguel, the “Sun of Mexico“He decided to start a new business and the vineyard was one of his objectives in mind, thanks to which” Unico “emerged.

After the condition that would prevent Luis Miguel sing like he always has, the “Puerto Rican“He decided to find new ways to enter the business world and it was the acquisition of a vineyard that led him to create his own brand of which some bottles are still sold.

If something distinguishes the interpreter of “Suave”, it is the long list of eccentricities that surround his life and among all that stands out is his own brand of wine, which he called “Unico”.

Derived from a vintage, special and complex process which gives it the touch that gives it all the distinction, without a doubt a product to which “Luismi” would have devoted all his attention.

“Unico”, launched in 2005, is a Cabernet Sauvignon produced in Chile from 2003 to 2018 and you can still find some bottles in Mexico.

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The iconic drink with merlot and syrah dyes which was produced in the Chilean vineyard Viña Ventisquero during the mentioned dates.

It should be reiterated that the concoction with the personal stamp of one of the greatest figures of the show does exist and it is known that it reached a price between 15 thousand wholesale.

Where is it sold?

“Unico” can be found on the official website www.vino-unico.com/ through which home delivery is offered. In Mexico, its cost is 1,199 Mexican pesos for a box with 3 bottles. In addition, you can buy a box with 6 bottles of the “Único” wine for 2 thousand 99 pesos.

Thus arose

In 2003, Luis Miguel held a meeting with the winemaker of the vineyard, Aurelio Montes del Campo, with him, he explored various blends until he reached the one he was looking for: “A wine of a deep ruby ​​red color with aromas of black raisins. , red berries and hints of vanilla. “

Its superb structure of firm and ripe tannins on the palate make it ideal to accompany meat dishes with complex sauces and very ripe cheeses.

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It would be Aurelio himself who told through an interview that Gallego Basteri was very involved in the whole process.

I did not want him to put his signature or to be just another advertising product. I wanted him to get involved and that made him super happy. He said that we talk with each other because he admires our work a lot.

In addition, another of the things that he assures, left him impressed by the “star king”, is how “good taster he is”.

I was very clear about what I wanted and I only dedicated myself to fine-tune the final blend of a wine that clearly claims to have the tannic structure of a Cabernet Sauvignon with 15% Syrah that gives it softness and sweetness on the palate. Just what he was looking for.

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It was precisely, in episode 4 of the new season of Luis Miguel: The Series in which the artist revived a passage about this subject of which little mention is made.

In the Netflix plot, “Micky” appears in a conversation with Miguel Alemán Magnani, his closest friend and investor in his businesses, the series, one of them.

The 51-year-old “divo de México” confirms that he has been dreaming of buying a vineyard for years, his namesake tells him that yes, the business is going, as long as a review of his personal finances and the company is made.

Derived from this moment, a series of situations arise that later cause one of the strongest conflicts between “Mauricio Ambrosi” and Luis Miguel Gallego, supposedly, this would lead Ambrosi to think that the artist distrusted his work, so after a talk, the manager ends up fired at Basteri’s house.

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In some previous scenes, he would have shared with the character who plays Michelle Salas that he must undertake a new course in his life since the doctors have told him that he will not be able to sing again as he did before due to the consequence of a disorder in your ear: “Tinnitus.”