▲ Workers protest yesterday in Quito, against the package of policies to face the crisis left by the pandemic. Photo Ap

. and Prensa Latina

La Jornada newspaper
Tuesday May 26, 2020, p. 24

Quito. Unions and social organizations took to the streets and squares in several areas of Ecuador yesterday, in rejection of the economic measures imposed by President Lenín Moreno in the face of a strong liquidity crisis in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

The collapse of world oil prices and the effects of the pandemic have reduced tax revenues by $ 8 billion, pressuring the government to cut spending, which includes reducing the working day and the salary of public officials, as well like the closing of some state offices.

The measures led unions of workers and social organizations to walk, with posters and anti-government slogans, through the streets of the center of Quito, where there is a hard confinement due to the growing number of infections and deaths from the coronavirus. Similar protests were reported in Guayaquil and Portoviejo.

“With this ‘law of inhumanity’ all workers return to being pawns, to being slaves,” Mesías Tatamuez, president of the Frente Unitario de Trabajadores union, told ., demanding that the president stop paying the foreign debt and thus attend the health emergency.

The protests were joined by railway workers, whose company, with more than 400 employees, was closed by decree.

The marches of this day are a demonstration of the alert launched by social organizations and indigenous movements, whose leaders announced that they will remain in resistance.

Moreno will also put into force reforms recently approved by the National Assembly to modify the conditions of labor contracts, in an attempt to save jobs, and as of June a system to set fuel prices will govern, seeking to reduce subsidies. .

The historic center of Quito, where the Government Palace is located, was protected by a strong police fence.