This Tuesday a FIFPRO meeting took place, the international footballers’ union and where the major European leagues are present. Among them the Spanish competition that has been represented at today’s telematic meeting by the president of AFE, David Aganzo.

05/05/2020 at 16:58


Ramon Fuentes

In the same the former player has transmitted to the rest of the members as is the situation in Spain at the moment once the Ministry of Health has given the go-ahead to the return to practice of the professional teams.

Aganzo has affected the points that he has already stated in the communiqué issued last Saturday and where the fact that the players whose tests are positive, would be isolated but never in their homes but in spaces where the teams determine, is especially unconstitutional.

The president of AFE has had an impact on the other element que considers the concentrations provided for in the League protocol as unconstitutional and which also includes the Ministry of Health from the group training phase, and especially, in the phase prior to the return to competition and where everyone can train Players. A position where AFE has found support from other major league unions such as England, France, Italy or the Netherlands. In all of them, since Germany is not within FIFPRO, they share this idea contrary to the minimum concentrations of fifteen days. All unions have been exposing their situation in their respective countries and have agreed to speak again in the coming weeks as the return to competition evolves in those countries where they plan to recover the competition.