Union support for the investigation of 11 food companies

The Secretary General of the Railway Union (UF) Sergio Sasia supported the government’s decision for open an administrative file to 11 large food companies. From the National Executive they targeted those firms for not delivering or withholding their production.

The union leader who had already expressed himself in support of the initiative of the ruling party to modify the non-taxable minimum of the income tax now demanded « the immediate clarification of the situation. »

« The decision of the Government to denounce or impute these food companies is correct », considered the railway when considering that the Ministry of Internal Trade verified the lack of products in the gondolas.

The head of the UF pointed out that this organization « does not blame or incriminate anyone », but « the administrative procedure carried out must lead to the immediate clarification of an irregular situation. » The 11 reported firms have 5 business days to clarify the happened, resume production and guarantee stock levels and commercialization.

The Ministry of Productive Development, headed by Matías Kulfas, reported « the objective is not to sanction but rather that these companies start producing again to supply the merchandise stocks at the points of sale. »

Sasia, who also leads the bloc of unions affiliated with Semun, said that if the companies decide not to clarify the situation, they will have to face the corresponding sanctions.

“If the firms hide or misinform in a malicious way, they will show that they arbitrarily tried to stock out their products and thus push a new price hike. in staples, which is absolutely inexcusable. « 

In this regard, he argued that the companies subject to the administrative process of the ministry are all exporters of food products, “so it will always be more profitable for them to export than to supply the domestic market. If the international prices of these stocks are aligned with the local ones, poverty would rise to unimaginable levels, « concluded Sasia.

On Wednesday, as reviewed BAE Business, The Secretary of Commerce revealed that the firms Mastellone, Fargo, AGD, Danone, Molinos Cañuelas, Bunge, Molinos Río de la Plata, Unilever, P&G. Paladini and Potigian are investigated on suspicion of withholding production volumes or not delivering them, after inspections in supermarkets and shops.