Unicaja grants direct debit payroll with up to 250 euros

Unicaja grants direct debit payroll with up to 250 euros

Unicaja Banco once again offers a discount on the direct debit of the payroll and this time it does so with a card of up to 250 euros. This campaign is aimed at both new customers and those who already are, provided that they domicile their payroll in the entity for the first time.

Specifically, people who direct their payroll at Unicaja Banco can take a card for 250 euros –for those equal to or greater than 2,500 euros– and 100 euros –for those less than 2,500 euros, the minimum being 600 euros–.

The only requirement is to maintain the domiciliation for two years. However, for young people under 28 years of age there is no commitment to stay. The promotion will be in effect until January 31, 2021, although it is limited to the first 2,400 new payroll, Unicaja Banco has reported in a statement.

The campaign responds to the good reception that this incentive had in 2018 and 2019 and adds to the usual advantages offered by the entity included in the Unicaja Banco Payroll Service.

Among these advantages are the possibility of overdraft on account and payroll advance, the exemption of commissions, subsidized personal and mortgage loans and special financing conditions with the Payroll Loan. The service also offers insurance discounts and a free SMS notification service.

Unicaja Banco offers people with domiciled payroll a simple way to carry out their most common services at no cost. Thus, with the ‘Zero Commission Plan’ the commissions associated with the account and the card that the client chooses, as well as those derived from transfers, are exempted.