Thanks to Stranger Things and other of its productions, Netflix was once again the most nominated producer in the # Emmys2020

On the other hand, HBO took the title of the series with the most potential awards, thanks to Watchmen

It is not yet certain, according to Infobae, how the ceremony on September 20 will take place

A few hours ago, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (ATAS) of the United States (USA) revealed the complete list of nominees for the next edition of the event. The issue has become one of the main trends on a global scale, ranking second in Mexico with more than 45,700 tweets by 1:08 p.m. And with the theme, some brands have been dragged, not always in a positive way. For example, Netflix.

Among the trends of Twitter Mexico, in eighth place at 13:10 PM in the capital was Stranger Things. The above, because the Netflix series managed to receive a nomination for best drama series of the year for the # Emmys2020. But this science fiction production is not being commented on social networks for the congratulations of the public. On the contrary, people are in fact criticizing the Academy for having preferred this content.

Some of the users point out that Stranger Things is one of the productions that are most overrated in the film and TV industry. Others point out that there are productions that had a much more suitable season for the title of Best Dramatic Series for the # Emmys2020, including MR. Robot and Euphoria. There were even criticisms of other nominees of the year for the category. Among them The Mandalorian, the exclusive Disney +.

The danger of making a nomination for the wrong reasons

On other occasions, as in # Emmys2020, the audience has exploded against a jury due to certain rules or decisions in international competitions. Many users complain that this is a marketing strategy to benefit certain productions. In addition, each year the jury’s selections demonstrate a different intention for the rest of the industry. To this must be added the relatively complicated history of streaming platforms.

Related Notes

But we must return to the case of Stranger Things and Netflix with the # Emmys2020. In any other circumstance, this should be a source of pride and success for this streaming platform. For years, the more traditional Hollywood associations have neglected the successes of digital-only productions. That the production, as well as its rival The Mandalorian, are considered for Best Dramatic Series of the year, should be a sample of its success.

However, it is clear that consumers believe that ATAS is unfairly favoring these streaming series for # Emmys2020. It is certainly possible. During this pandemic, digital platforms grew like few in revenue and popularity. It stands to reason that the Association wants to make amends. But the way he wanted to correct the course was not the most appropriate. Perhaps this will serve as a lesson for future nominations.

# Emmys2020: Another sign that going viral is not always good

It is not the first time that a brand manages to become a trend in a social network, to the disgrace of the business. For example, as happened to Stranger Things with # Emmys2020, Nutella was affected by a video of a woman who ate a kilogram of her chocolate. When an Interjet employee was beaten to death by a customer, criticism rained down on the airline. The Cielito Lindo video also caused a very bitter taste in Mexico.

Several experts confirm that trends like # Emmys2020 do not necessarily play in favor of brands. There are studies that suggest that these viral issues are not only difficult to control, but that their nature can be unpredictable. In information from the Millennium Agency, it could be combined with the inherent risks of social networks to increase the danger to companies. Instead, Outsource Strategies International ensures that the brand can be diluted.