Unfavorable MOT: aesthetic and body defects

The latest modification of the rules governing ITVs have led to a certain tightening of the inspection, especially with regard to the state of the rear-view mirrors and the operation of the ABS. However, there are other elements that we could neglect in our car, with the inevitable result of an unfavorable ITV and all that it implies. In this article we are going to focus on aesthetic damage and body damage. Some are easy to miss, and can be accompanied by an unpleasant surprise.

The state of the body at the time of passing the ITV

Before analyzing some elements in more detail, know that to develop this article we have used the latest version of the ITV Inspections Procedure Manual, published on June 1 of this year. The manual itself includes the objectives of the inspection, referring specifically to the body and chassis inspection:

Vehicles must be built and equipped in such a way that they do not have on their exterior, ornaments or other objects with protruding edges that present danger to their occupants or to other users of the public road. Specifically, the mechanical parts and their complementary equipment must be constructed and protected in such a way that during their operation and use they do not constitute a danger to people, even when the vehicle is stopped.

Additionally, all vehicle body and chassis components must be in good condition in terms of their integrity and support.

Therefore, the body must be free from defects that may affect the integrity of the vehicle or the safety of people.

The car must not pose a danger to anyone. Not even while in custody.

The inspection of the bodywork and other aesthetic elements of the vehicle is carried out by an inspector visually. To check for trouble spots, such as the presence of oxides, physical contact with the body would be established – physical pressure would be applied with the hand or a tool, speaking in silver. In any case, this inspection is largely subject to the discretion of the inspector, which is who will determine if the defects are serious or minor, and therefore, if the result of the ITV is favorable or unfavorable.

Going into detail in the manual, one of the points in which more emphasis is placed is on the presence of sharp or cutting edges. These edges can be caused by a slow speed bump, and are often present on cracked or broken bumpers. They are considered a serious defect. If elements such as the bumpers present a risk of detachment or are incorrectly fixed, we would also incur a serious defect. In silver: We cannot carry parts of the exterior of the car fastened with zip ties or tape American.

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The fuel cap must be in good condition, and not present a sudden opening risk.

However, a dent or scuff caused by a parking column are not considered serious defects, as they do not endanger anyone. This rule is applicable to bodywork moldings, which must be properly attached to it. As for elements such as the windshield, it must not contain impacts or cracks in the direct field of vision of the driver, nor should it contain cracks on its surface. Surface that must be correctly swept by the windshield wipers, whose blades must be in good condition.

It is equally important that the windshield washer works. A detached blade or one that does not sweep the field of view sufficiently is a direct failure on inspection. All car doors must open and close properly, with its locks and hinges in good condition. If a door is out of square or the hinge is rusted, we may not pass the inspection. Lastly, ITVs are demanding on rust. Although in Spain it is not usually a problem, our vehicles can develop rust spots.

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Needless to say: a broken or missing mirror is a serious defect.

These rust spots are caused by paint faults or bumps, and if left unrepaired they can compromise the integrity of the body panel, or even the vehicle’s chassis itself.

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