Unfaithful !, Lizbeth Rodríguez shows off, does she have two boyfriends?

Unfaithful! Lizbeth Rodríguez exhibits herself, does she have two boyfriends? (Instagram)

Unfaithful !, Lizbeth Rodríguez shows off, does she have two boyfriends? | Instagram

Could it be that he has returned with Tavo betancourt Even being with Esteban VillaGómez ?, Lizbeth Rodríguez has exposed herself on Instagram, is she an unfaithful ?. The beautiful girl Badabun shared a video in her official account of the famous social network in which she tells her boyfriend Esteban VillaGómez to hide.

Who will achieve enormous fame thanks to Exposing Infidels On the YouTube channel Badabun, Lizbeth Rodríguez apparently exhibited herself as an infidel on Instagram and the worst thing is that everything was recorded on video.

However, and not to alarm his loyal followers, all this was a joke that the youtuber made on her boyfriend Esteban Villagómez, who apparently did not find it funny. The beautiful ex-girl Badabun came hurriedly telling him that he should retire, the astonished face of his partner did not wait, he did not understand what was happening.

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After, Lizbeth Rodriguez He ended up telling her that she should go since her boyfriend was going to arrive at any moment and he was going to find him there, something that the businessman did not like.

Run, run, hide! The famous youtuber says in a hurry to her boyfriend.

Esteban is taken by surprise and asks the YouTube star why he should hide, but he was not expecting the answer from his beautiful girlfriend and even less, that it would bother him a lot.

My boyfriend is coming, hide … my boyfriend is coming, hide please, Lizbeth Rodríguez says in a desperate tone.

The beautiful youtuber continued with her joke and continued asking Esteban VillaGómez She hid because her boyfriend was about to arrive, her partner, somewhat annoyed, replied “I’m leaving before my wife hears me.”

That night I slept alone #novios #lover, wrote the famous next to the recording.

Lately, the beautiful Lizbeth Rodríguez has been recording and in constant contact with Tavo Betancourt, who was her boyfriend for a while, something that has caused a huge stir in the followers of both. This became more than evident in the newest video that Liz shared of the two together on her official Instagram account.

In the recording in question, Betancourt and the actress are also smiling, playing and joking, so the rumors in the comment box did not wait. Lizbeth’s followers assure that Tavo Betancourt has not surpassed her and sees her with “sheep’s eyes” and most assures that they made a beautiful couple, even better than with Esteban VillaGómez.

Although Lizbeth Roddríguez clarified the term “friends” in the description of the video, most of those who saw it say they should return and be a couple again.

There are things that never change #amigos @, this is how Rodríguez described the video with his ex.

Lizbeth Rodriguez She was in the middle of the uproar on social networks when the images emerged in which she was very affectionate with Esteban VillaGómez when she was believed to be still a couple of Tavo Betancourt. After this situation, he decided to share in a video that months ago they had already ended their relationship; however, for work reasons they had not been able to make it public.

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As explained by the former Badabun girl, there was a lot of material in the queue where they still appeared as a couple and this situation would confuse their followers, who would think that they would have returned when in fact they were previously recorded by the company.

Quickly, Tavo saw himself as a boyfriend with another young woman, which is why many pointed out that he was responsible for the fact that his courtship has ended and that he would have been unfaithful with this girl to Lizbeth Rodríguez.