Unfaithful ?, Andrea Legarreta receives heated dance from famous

Unfaithful ?, Andrea Legarreta receives heated dance from famous | Instagram

In full Program Today !, the dear Andrea Legarreta ended more than heated with a very special dance from the handsome actor Jorge Aravena. The moment was more than memorable in the morning star of Televisa and Raúl Araiza did not let it overlook.

Andrea Legarreta Martinez she was the one chosen to receive the surprising dance from the actor in the style of Solo para mujeres; However, the one who was about to show more was the beloved driver.

Jorge Aravena was in a dynamic when El Negro Araiza determined that he should do a dance, to which the actor quickly questioned who the dance would be for and although voices were heard saying that Galilea Montijo, the famous handsome man quickly went to the host with the longest tenure in the Hoy Program.

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The wife of Érik Rubín was totally taken by surprise when the soap opera protagonist approached and picked her up with great speed, the actress who was also wearing a skirt was extremely concerned that she was about to show too much.

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At the request of Andrea Legarreta on her skirt, Aravena, like a true gentleman, lowered her, but continued with her dance in the purest style Only for women, which delighted not only the television host but also the ladies at home.

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At the end of the show, Andy could not hide the emotion of the moment and an uncontrollable “nervous” laugh came to her, this beautiful woman was observed quite heatedly and no wonder.

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Raúl Araiza did not let the moment go unnoticed and amid laughter assured that his beautiful companion even her hair had been straightened with the dance of Jorga Aravena. Could it be that someone will be punished by Érik Rubín at home?

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