Unexpected !, Ricky Martin revealed how famous “he came out of the closet”

Unexpected !, Ricky Martin revealed how famous

Unexpected !, Ricky Martin revealed how famous “he came out of the closet” | AP

The Puerto Rican music star Ricky Martin has confessed something that very few know and perhaps many wondered, the singer confessed which was the man who “took him out of the closet” and is a famous Hollywood actor.

The famous singer finally revealed for Glamor magazine who was the first man for whom he felt a strong attraction and who made him realize who he really is, to the surprise of many that man is actor John Travolta.

And no, it’s not that the Hollywood actor has entered into a romantic relationship with Ricky MartinInstead, the She Bangs performer watched the movie Saturday Night Fever starring John Travolta.

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The singer revealed that it was thanks to that film that at a young age he realized the attraction he felt for the gentlemen, especially for a scene in which he, also the protagonist of Vaselina, appeared very little dressed and showed a large part of his charms .

John Travolta was one of the most sought-after gallants of his generation, the favorite characters of his followers were those in whom t-shirts and tight jeans seemed almost an obligation; as is the case with Vaseline; one of his most enigmatic films.

Returning to Ricky Martin, the famous Puerto Rican for a long time hid his true preferences from the world and even went below to see beautiful women, among them, Rebecca de Alba, a famous driver with whom he had years of relationship, which many say was false. The interpreter has identified her as one of the most important women in his life.

Amid the rumors, Ricky Martin decided to shout that he was gay in 2010, news that he assured marked a before and after in his life, since he finally felt peace, he no longer had anything to hide.

But the famous went further and his preferences did not take away his desire to become a father. Ricky Martin He decided to go for in vitro fertilization to become a father, that’s how Matteo and Valentino came into his life.

The famous showed off his little twins to the world and everyone was amazed at his feat, while others questioned who will be the woman who will give the famous the opportunity to have children.

After this, love came into the life of the Puerto Rican, Ricky met Jwan yosef and fell in love with him and his talent. A strong relationship and marriage followed.

But Ricky Martin and the painter decided that their family should be bigger and that’s when the beautiful Lucia arrived at their home and in a very short time they welcomed one more member, Renn.

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There are those who assure that the beautiful Lucia is the daughter of Ricky Martin, while Renn is of Jwan Yosef. None of the famous people have spoken about these theories and they try to live together and raise their children equally.

Some people point out that the mother of Jwan Yosef’s children and Ricky Martin She is visible to all and that she is a famous and beautiful actress, a friend of both, who has put those little ones in their hands.

Eglantina Zingg is the name of the beautiful woman who could be the mother of these four little ones; Ricky Martin’s followers have even compared photographs of her and her twins and found enormous similarities in their features. Could it be that this woman is indeed the mother of Matteo, Valentino, Renn and Lucía?