Unemployment fell by 39,012 people in April, its biggest decrease this month in the last nine years

Unemployment gives a certain respite, as it fell by 39,012 unemployed in April (1% less), registering its biggest fall this month since 2012, when it only fell by 6,632 people, according to data published this Wednesday by the Ministry of Labor. The Government also highlights that in the last two months about 100,000 people have left the unemployment lists.

In April 2020, in full confinement due to the harshness of Covid-19 and in the hardest part of the first wave of the virus, unemployment rose by 282,891 people, seven times more than in April of this year.

These data are known only a few days after the EPA data for the first quarter of 2021 was released. Between January and March, 137,500 jobs were destroyed in Spain, according to those figures. That job destruction doubled in the same period in 2020, when 285,600 jobs were lost, just at the time when the pandemic hit hardest.

On the other hand, Social Security won in April an average of 134,396 contributors compared to the month of March (representing an increase of 0.7%), which placed the total number of employed persons at just over 19 million contributors. With regard to ERTE, the number of workers under that umbrella stood at 638,238 people at the end of April, 36,621 fewer workers than in March in the revised series and 105,345 fewer taking into account the notification date.

Likewise, the Ministry has highlighted that, compared to the maximum number of workers in ERTE that was reached in April 2020, just a year earlier, ERTE workers have been reduced by almost 3 million people according to the date of registration and 2.75 million depending on the date of notification. In both cases, the decrease in relative values ​​is more than 80%.

Two activities bring together almost half of the people in ERTE: food and beverage services (hospitality), with 196,639 workers in ERTE, 23.6% of the total affiliates in this sector; and accommodation services, with 104,461 workers in ERTE, 52.1% of its total affiliates.

By sectors, that of services was the one that gained the most media affiliates in April, with 99,404 new employees. Another of the most notable growth was in the hotel industry, with 40,548 more workers (4.1% more), followed by construction, which added 10,734 more contributors (which implied an increase of 1.2%).

By autonomous communities, the biggest drops in unemployment They occurred in Galicia (with 9,941 less), Catalonia (8,715 less) and the Basque Country (3,039 less). Of course, unemployment rises in the Canary Islands (1,873 more unemployed), in the Valencian Community (389 more) and in Cantabria (34 more).