Unemployment benefit applications rise in the US to 419,000

15 minutes. The weekly number of applications for unemployment benefit in the United States (US) jumped to 419,000 last week, compared with 368,000 the previous week. This was reported this Thursday by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

The new figure for the week ending July 17 represents 51,000 more requests than the previous week.

The average number of requests in 4 weeks, a measure that compensates for the weekly ups and downs, stood at 385,250. In contrast, the previous week it was 384,500.

BLS reported that in the week ending July 10 there were 3.23 million people who received this social benefit for unemployment in the US, compared to 3.26 million in the prior week.

The weekly number of jobless claims, which reached a record 6.8 million in March 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, has been gradually declining. However, current numbers indicate a brake on the recovery of the labor market in the country.

Since then, the number of new requests for the subsidy has remained above 365,000. Before the start of the pandemic and for several weeks, the average was about 205,000 weekly requests.

Employers across the US continue to complain about difficulties filling vacancies. Some critics point to the subsidies distributed by the government as a factor that keeps the unemployed at home.

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