Unemployed Americans sentenced, have 30 days to find work, or goodbye unemployment benefits

The economic recovery and the advance in the application of vaccines are allowing the return to normality. With this, businesses and companies are resuming their activities and generating jobs that need to be filled immediately.

There are many reasons why people are not hiring, from fear of contagion, not having someone to leave their children with or even taking advantage of resources to not work until normality is completely restored.

The truth is more than 2 million workers could see their unemployment benefits cut or eliminated next month as more states refuse to participate in federal unemployment programs as a way to get people into the job market.

Andrew Stettner, an unemployment insurance expert and a senior fellow at the Century Foundation, told Yahoo! Money that “States are giving 30 days (to the unemployed) to find a job“. But the specialist believes that the majority will not be able to hire in that time and that the majority will lose their benefits completely, complicating their situation further.

Century Foundation estimates that collectively the unemployed will lose around $ 10.9 billion from this suspension, money that would also stop flowing in the US economy.

So far, Yahoo! Finance points out that there are already eighteen states that plan to cancel unemployment programs, a measure that is gaining traction among Republican governors, after the poor results reported in last week’s employment report.

According to the information, It will be in mid to late June, when unemployed workers in participating states will lose the extra $ 300 in weekly unemployment benefits, although they will maintain their regular benefits.

Others who will be affected are the unemployed from sectors severely hit during the pandemic such as contractors and concert workers. While Stettner believes cutting benefits will disproportionately harm African-Americans, “They are the ones who will have the most difficulty finding a job due to discrimination and they are also the ones who were most affected by Covid”commented the expert.

With information from Yahoo! Finance

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