A real ordeal, they say they are living
dozens of undocumented immigrants at the Folkston Georgia Detention Center, which
they fear being infected with COVID-19 after the first case in one of the cells,
To make matters worse, they are overcrowded and poorly fed.

“We live
in a terrible overcrowding, we are 64 people in one bedroom sleeping on
bunk beds ”, says one of the detainees.

They fled Nicaragua and Cuba for retaliation
policies almost a year later they are living their worst nightmare in a center
Detention of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service. UU

“In the
prison we already have two cases of COVID-19, it started in the next bedroom and
right here we are quarantining this same bedroom ”

Quarantine accompanied by a hunger strike
Today is eight days old.

“We don’t
they attend ICE has not come here with everything and the hunger strike has not come to
give any kind of explanation or anything. “

For what they assure, it is a matter of time
so that they find more contagions.

we ask among ourselves, and some feel bad, they feel that
They have fever, others have a headache, others want to vomit, and
from here they got people confirmed with Coronavirus ”.

“Of the
alpha 3 there was a person with COVID-19, they took his temperature, it went high
and they left it there, they came to bring it in two hours. ”

In Miami, the relatives of a detained Nicaraguan
they remain anguished and do not know who to turn to.

he comes seeking refuge because if he returns to the country they will kill him they will
disappear ”

The Coronavirus pandemic was a hope
for many undocumented immigrants to be released, without some centers of
arrest like Folkston Georgia has rather become a receiver of
detainees arriving from South Florida, guided by a judge

Telemundo 51 learned that among the detainees
There are Nicaraguans with approved political asylum, and yet for reasons that
they are still unknown, they are not authorized to leave.