In the final episode of WWE’s ‘The Last Ride’, The Undertaker revealed several behind-the-scenes details about his Boneyard Match against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36. Although it wasn’t the final fight The Undertaker expected, it was something that ended up giving him more Satisfaction than any of his struggles in recent years.

While discussing the Boneyard Match and its entire concept, The Undertaker stated that he was happy with the way the production was done in the fight. He firmly believes that his rivalry with AJ Styles was too personal for a regular in-ring fight. The Boneyard Match, however, did justice to their rivalry

This is what The Undertaker said:

“We were very lucky in the sense that we were able to go off-site and do this fight outside. because of how the story unfolded and how personal it was, it became somewhat more intense, after the brutal promos of aj- I don’t know “I don’t think you can have a wrestling match, under those circumstances and historai . In the end it turned out to be probably the best we could have done. ”

The Undertaker talks about fighting without fans

While talking about the Boneyard Match, The Undertake also addressed how different it felt to fight without fans in the audience. The Deadman went on to say that it was different than he had imagined, but it all ended up fitting together.

“From the moment I agreed to face styles, I imagined that we would have a traditional heads-up, in a wrestling ring in front of 80,000 people. but COVID-19 hit us. Despite the big moments, I want to say that our audience is a vital factor for our product. You simply feed on its energy and now you are limited in many ways to what you can do and what you cannot do. We played the cards they gave us and turned my ***** salad into chicken salad. ” (h / t WrestlingINC)

It’s sad that The Undertaker was unable to retreat in front of all the fans in their last fight. However, he is expected to return for his official retirement to celebrate his WWE career when the situation is relatively safer, and fans will return for WWE live events.

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