The Phenomenal One vs The Phenom

It has been a somewhat unusual fiefdom of AJ Styles with The Undertaker. The Phenomenal One brought the rivalry to the personal by mentioning the wife of the Undertaker, Michelle McCool. He did not stop there, he also demanded that the Dead Man bring his best version, claiming that his wife was ruining the end of his career and his legacy.

It didn’t take long for The Phenom to respond, intervening in Styles’ fight against Aleister Black to give victory to the (who knows if someday …) heir to The Undertaker.

When we heard the stipulation of combat we were perplexed. A Boneyard match is not something you see every day. The last Buried alive match, which also starred in The Deadman almost ten years ago, is far away.

The scenario we were in was not conducive to Taker, who had to face The Original Club without any help. It was because of this that Kane’s turn began to be rumored or even Michelle McCool’s own to make some kind of intervention that could balance the scales.

What no one expected, of course, was the return of The American Badass merging with the Undertaker’s supernatural powers to destroy The O.C. and to all the druids who stood up to The Phenom.

A way to extend The Undertaker’s career

The Boneyard match is a match that fits very well with what Taker has to offer. In addition, being an outdoor combat, without an audience, it can be recorded prior to the show in which it is broadcast. Also, in these conditions, the necessary shots can be repeated so that The Deadman does not seem tired.

Of course the duel they left us the other day AJ Styles and The Undertaker did not disappoint at all, coming to resemble more an action feature film than a Wrestling match.

It is logical to doubt a fighter when he reaches a certain age, but when we talk about The Undertaker, just give thanks for having seen the fight that is probably the best of all time.

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