Uncover details about his romance, Jaime Garza with Sylvia Pasquel

Uncover details about his romance, Jaime Garza with Sylvia Pasquel | INSTAGRAM

After what a few minutes ago we learned that the famous actor Jaime Garza lost his life, the stories that he made when he was alive have begun to emerge, such as when he was the boyfriend of Viridiana Alatriste and that he also had a brief affair with Sal and a half sister Silvia Pasquel.

At the time the actor uncovered details about his relationship with her the Silvia Pinal’s first daughter, ensuring that they did have a certain intimacy: “We had a friendly relationship, but there was a certain intimacy, a moment in which we were alone the two of us. We had a very affectionate, friendly relationship but if at some point we had close intimate contact but never with the vision of being a couple “was what Garza said when he attended the” Intruders “program.

The famous actor also detailed that although they were sisters There was never a confrontation between Silvia Pasquel and Viridiana Alatriste, who incidentally ended up losing her life in a car event in 1982.

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“Not nothing to do, I do not know their relationship, I do not know how close to their relationship, but there were never problems so with Silvia it was a more friendly, affective thing, but we never had one. Relationship”, he communicated at the time to the entertainment media.

He also revealed that in his romance with Viridiana Alatriste there were some fights or roses, thanks to the existence of that relationship that Jaime and Silvia had.

“I knew that Viridiana had a lot of conflict because she had a lot of respect for Silvia Pasquel. They were nails and dirt, they loved each other a lot. Viridiana was having feelings for Jaime Garza, who had already been with Silvia,” that is why the day they met at a party she came out very angry and could not stop her.

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It was at that moment when Jaime knew that Viridiana Alatriste was his great love, he loved a lot and he still had a lot to live with her, in case the inevitable had not happened in his car.

“I wish she were alive, I would like to see her happy, fulfilled, living what she had to live,” the actor managed to say some time before he unfortunately joined her today.

Jaime and Viridiana met when they recorded a pilot for the series “Cajun Cajun Rare Rare” in 1981, but true love arose when they coincided on the telenovela “Tomorrow is Spring”, where they began their discreet romance that they managed to keep until October 25 1982, the exact date that Viridiana lost her life while leaving in her car.

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