Unboxing: This is the steelbook for ‘Soul’, Pixar’s latest gem

Disney continues to release its latest releases in domestic format despite having its own streaming platform. With Pixar, they also maintain the tradition of offering a special edition of their films in metal boxes, which in addition to the exclusive design also have a disc of extras that we will only find in that edition. Let’s take a closer look at the company’s latest release: ‘Soul’.

The Pete Docter and Kemp Powers movie became one of the top Disney + premieres last Christmas. Although the initial plans were to release it in theaters, due to the pandemic they opted for an exclusive streaming release. Now, the film also arrives in disc format, available on both DVD and Blu-Ray as well as this special edition steelbook.

The extras of ‘Soul’

In it we can find the film in Blu-Ray format and a second blue disc with more documentaries and content from the film, which is up for three Oscars, including Best Animated Film. Through the extras we can learn more about the creation process of Joe Gardner, the first black protagonist of the studyIn addition to discovering how the idea of ​​”Beyond” came about, the world in which souls prepare to start their life on Earth. The film’s music also has its place, as does a special featurette dedicated to the adaptation work they had to do at Pixar to move work to homes due to lockdowns. A series of trailers and deleted scenes complete the extras of this edition.

‘Soul’ is already on sale, and is still available on Disney + as well.

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