Unbeatable, Noelia creates more than 600 jobs in just a few months!

Unbeatable, Noelia creates more than 600 jobs in just a few months! | Instagram

There is no doubt that it is extremely gratifying to share this type of news to Internet users, on few occasions Noelia tends to show off these achievements since she is a humble person and does not usually raise her ego with her projects by showing them off, despite her emotion of power help more than 600 people to get job it is something that certainly should be shared.

It was by means of a video that the interpreter of “I did not fail“, recently released single, he shared on his social networks as a celebrity who should be celebrated for helping others.

This publication that he shared just two hours ago, you can see part of the interview he had with the Telemundo network where he shared some information about his most recent projects.

My motto in life is to go through this life building, not destroying, “wrote Noelia.

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For the singerAs a Puerto Rican model, actress and businesswoman, it is very important to help those who need it most and what better way than to do it through work.

Maybe you were a little ignorant, but for years Noelia He has been working hard not only on his music but also on his companies.

Some years ago when the “Rica, famous, latina” program was launched, we met part of one of its many companies, in a chapter next to Elisa beristain, at that time perhaps in 2014 in the first season she had a furniture store next to her husband Jorge Reynoso.

Surely from a little before the singer and interpreter of “Candle“He had already ventured into the world of entrepreneurship, today he has a whole company from which he will surely be able to enter into Wall street.

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Little by little Noelia has shared a little of what she has achieved thanks to her effort and dedication, one of the recognitions of which she is most proud is that she was named an entrepreneurial leader in Mexico, even though she is not originally from that country. .

The effort and achievements of the singer speak for themselves, the simple fact of helping others is one of the greatest recognitions that should undoubtedly be shared with everyone, with the aim that they know more about their work and that they continue to receive support for.

As if this were not enough, Noelia is also dedicated to supporting social programs, either helping children with their soccer teams or giving talks in various centers dedicated to women who have been abused by their partners.

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