UNAM continues with its contributions in various areas of knowledge to face the coronavirus pandemic COVID-19

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) continues with its contributions in various areas of knowledge to face the pandemic of coronavirus COVID-19, by selecting twelve proposals within the framework of the Extraordinary Call for Proposals 2020 of the Support Program for Research Projects and Technological Innovation (PAPIIT).

The Maximum House of Studies, in a statement, reported that these projects PAPIIT advance in their modality of research-teaching link, with the theme “Strategies to face the new pandemic COVID-19 in Mexico”.

The topics addressed by the chosen specialists are: mathematical modeling and computational to evaluate the evolution of the pandemic and the development of epidemiological intelligence platforms; instrument development, supplies and analysis systems for health care, vaccine development.

They also include quick and inexpensive methods of diagnosing SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19; development of anti-COVID-19 treatments based on immunotherapies; analysis of the impact of the disease on the economy, income distribution and well-being; Socio-family and community intervention, with a gender perspective, in the face of the impact of the pandemic, and the repercussion of the pandemic on teachers and high school students of the UNAM and actions to strengthen hybrid education in the face of contingency.

Of the 12 projects, four belong to the area of ​​Physical-Mathematical Sciences; five to Biological, Chemical and Health Sciences, and three are Social Sciences.

The realization will be led by 36 academics and academics and researchers from the National University belonging to 12 research institutes and centers, six faculties, a school and two high school entities (CCH and ENP).

In addition, they will have the support of another 159 UNAM academics, 38 external academics and at least one hundred students from various levels at the beginning.

For the execution of the projects, an investment of 32 million pesos was assigned, which will be exercised in the first stage 2020-2021.

This is one more extraordinary measure than the National University It has adopted to collaborate from different fronts and with different actions in the fight against coronavirus disease.

With the search for innovative solutions to the problems that afflict Mexico, the Universidad de la Nación endorses its permanent social commitment.

With information from López-Dóriga Digital