Students of the Faculty of Accounting and Administration of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) filed a complaint before the Attorney General of Justice (FGJ) in the capital for the crime of sexual harassment, after learning that Between 2016 and 2017, the computer lab of his faculty was used to violate their social network accounts and steal intimate photos and videos.

In the research folder CI-FDS / FDS-1 / UI-FDS-1-02 / 00071 / 02-2020 it is stated that a file with 120 folders with the names of different young people It was uploaded to Dropbox and distributed among students from all over UNAM. The Dropbox archive also contains conversations with sexual content from some students.

One of the complainants stated before the Public Ministry that she found more than 108 images that she took herself and that she shared with her partner, and that were stolen from her boyfriend’s Facebook. In addition, the folder contained the name that the young woman uses on her social networks. Something that was repeated in the rest of the folders that make up the Dropbox file.

The students filed the complaint after learning of the existence of this material thanks to being notified by other students.

It’s known that a man named Héctor Chávez was the one who allegedly shared the Dropbox, but none of the victims has been able to give half affiliation to the subject, since they do not know him.