UNAM abides by order and enrolls students


LAfter a year, the National Autonomous University of Mexico enrolled three students of excellence that it had left without a place because the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) had not issued their high school certificate, despite having obtained between 96 and 103 hits in the examination of the Metropolitan Commission of Public Institutions of Higher Secondary Education (Comipems) in 2020.

Last october, Excelsior made known the story of Lorena and three other students, in the published note “Student with 9.8 loses her place in CCH”, in which the minor denounced that it was impossible for her to enroll at the upper secondary level due to lack of her high school report card , which was evaluated by the Hubble Institute, with a 9.8 rating, during the three years of school.


Lorena González, 15 years old, had won a place in the CCH Sur by obtaining 98 hits in the Comipems exam and that she lost because the SEP did not issue her high school certificate.

In an information card sent by the Federal Educational Authority in Mexico City (AEFCM) to Excelsior, explained that the Hubble Institute, where Lorena and 50 other students studied, located at Calle Insurgentes no. 165, col. Ampliación las Peñas, Iztapalapa mayor’s office, in the CDMX, “does not have authorization or recognition of official validity of studies to teach the secondary level by the federal educational authorities, which is known to its owner, Félix Daniel González Cuapio, since last September 11, 2018 ”.

However, the AEFCM not only allowed the Hubble Institute to discharge high school students in the 2019-2020 school year, one year after it had supposedly been notified to stop operating, but on June 22, 2020 , the General Inspection of Zone No 13 of Secondary Education sent an email with the address “” to the Hubble Institute with the following subject “Urgent: required student qualifications Hubble Institute”.

Therefore, the sixth District Judge in Administrative Matters in Mexico City, Francisco Javier Rebolledo Peña, through an amparo, ordered both the SEP to issue the certificate and the UNAM to respect the place in the South CCH of the student Alma Lorena González Lamadrid.

After many battles, the SEP authorities complied with the judge’s order to upload the students’ grades and high school certificates on the platform, after the ultimatum he imposed on them and the threat of being sanctioned.

Then, the UNAM also complied with the judge’s order and they will be assigned to that house of studies for the 2021-2022 school year “in educational institutions, which correspond to their successes and secondary school average.

The allocation of places by the UNAM sets a precedent made-effect, in which people who may be affected in the future can assert their rights “, according to the lawyer Rodolfo Martínez, partner of the Trusan & Roma law firm and representative of the students.

Among these three students who were protected is also Manuel Sánchez, 15 years old, who during this year that it took time to comply with the judge’s decision worked in a greengrocer, instead of studying at the 7th preparatory school of the UNAM, a school where he had earned a spot since 2020, scoring 103 hits on the Comipems exam.

The fact that UNAM is complying with the amparo clearly shows that the education provided by the State, through public institutions, is actually a human right. We managed to convince the federal justice that, due to a negligence of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), which had denied them their high school certificate, the future of these children was about to be seriously affected by preventing them from enrolling at UNAM, at the high school level. ”, Concluded the lawyer of Trusan & Roma.

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